All Programs Sources


  1. Introduction
  2. Download
  3. Getting latest version from SVN
  4. Getting latest version from GIT

1. Introduction

Sources for all final programs related to our engine may be downloaded below.

  1. Download the sources that interest you, and additionally download Castle Game Engine sources. Unpack them anywhere you like.

  2. Compile the program:
    • You can compile using Lazarus.

      1. Install Lazarus (along with Free Pascal Compiler).
      2. Compile in Lazarus the engine packages in castle_game_engine/packages/.
      3. Open and compile in Lazarus the program xxx.lpi project file.
    • Or you can use our build tool to compile.

      1. Install the build tool (along with Free Pascal Compiler).
      2. Then compile the game by running the castle-engine compile command inside it's directory. castle-engine will find the CastleEngineManifest.xml file and use it.
      3. Most games include also a Makefile that calls our build tool, so you can also just run make to compile.
  3. Install the required libraries. See engine documentation for the list of libraries we use, and see download page of each particular program.

  4. Optionally install required program data. In most cases you don't have to do anything — as programs below either don't have any data, or they use smart function (ApplicationData) to detect data directory. It will automatically use current directory, if the data is there.

    On Unix you can also move/symlink data to $HOME/.local/share/xxx or /usr/local/share/xxx or /usr/share/xxx. You can do this easily by executing make install inside program directory.

The sources below contain everything you need. Source code (units, program files), scripts, also game data sources (GIMP *.xcf files, Blender *.blend files and so on). Everything is open source, GNU GPL >= 2.

2. Download

3. Getting latest version from SVN

You can get all the sources from our Subversion repository. If you don't know about Subversion, see Subversion main site and the excellent book about the Subversion.

To download full sources for all projects, do

svn checkout

Please note that the full trunk is quite large. It contains everything: the core engine sources (castle_game_engine subdirectory), webpages stuff (in www subdirectory), view3dscene sources, castle sources etc. Often you want to download only specific subdirectories of it.

You can also browse the SVN repository.

Code from SVN is always the bleeding-edge current version of the work. That said, usually it's quite stable (I have a personal policy to try to commit only code that is compileable and somewhat tested). So feel free to peek, and please report eventual bugs you spot. You can also download the code from one of subdirectories, these contain frozen code from specific versions of my programs, so should be 100% stable.

4. Getting latest version from GIT

All these programs have also their project page on GitHub, as part of GitHub Castle Game Engine organization.