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Thank you for contributing and donating to Castle Game Engine

Castle Game Engine has been created by Michalis Kamburelis with a belief that we need a free and open source game engine to create the games we dream about.

I want to say big "Thank you!" to everyone who joined our vision and helped make it a reality. Let’s keep hacking and create amazing engine and games.

If you can support us financially, please support us on Patreon.

Please write to Michalis ([email protected]) if you want to change how your name is displayed here. If you want me to use a different name, or a nick, or maybe you wish to remain anonymous, or maybe I misspelled your name (sorry!) — let me know.

2. Active Donors

Everyone who subscribes to support CGE with at least 10 USD / month (anywhere — on Patreon, GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective).

  • Antitu

  • Adrian Marius Popa

  • Alar Orion

  • Bartosz Jarzyna

  • Basti Schindla

  • Carlos Rafael Fernandes Picanço

  • Chris Haley

  • Erik Johnson

  • Filip Demuynck

  • Friedrich Westermann

  • Gary Chike

  • Gordon Niessen

  • Guilherme Nemeth

  • Highball

  • Jack Taylor

  • Jan Adamec

  • Jeff Davis

  • Martin Heggestad

  • Milos Stanojevic

  • Márton Polgár

  • Märten Rodes

  • Nicholas Polys

  • Ramazan Geven

Thank you!

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