Privacy Policy

1. Mobile applications

Mobile applications released through our Google Play account do not feature any analytics or ads. They do not collect any data from you.

We reserve the right to make an exception to the above in the future, mostly to demonstrate that it is possible. Because you can use various analytics and ad solutions in your games made using Castle Game Engine, see Android services and iOS services. This is just a note for the potential future — none of our current released applications use any ads or analytics.
Applications using Google Play Games integration use standard Google Play Games Services mechanisms to login and associate game information (achievements, leaderboards, savegames) with your account.

2. Website analytics

We use website analytics to improve your experience on our webpages: to detect errors (e.g. broken links) and to decide how to best present our content (e.g. what content is most useful to you). We use it only internally.

To be completely open, the analytics technologies we use:

  • Matomo. Self-hosted (the data is on our servers, not any 3rd party). The data (like IP addresses) is immediately anonymized (e.g. we store only first 2 bytes from IPv4 address). i.e. we don’t store non-anonymized data in our database at all. The logs are removed after 180 days anyway.

  • Wordpress (Jetpack) stats. The data is only stored by servers. The logs are retained by for 28 days.

  • Privacy-first (read the details on their website) Cloudflare Analytics.

  • We use Scarf for website and downloads analytics. This data is anonymous.

We do not share the gathered data with any 3rd-party except the analytics providers above.

As you can see above, we do not use Google Analytics and we are proud of it! If you’re looking for analytics solution that both respects users' privacy and immediately gives you much more useful insights, we recommend any of the above products. Matomo in particular is direct and fantastic alternative to Google Analytics.

3. Questions

If you have any questions, contact us: publicly (Discord, forum…​) or send an email to Michalis Kamburelis (various ways to contact Michalis, including encrypted, are listed on his website).

To improve this documentation just edit this page and create a pull request to cge-www repository.