1. Download the engine for your system

To build applications using the engine you also need to install a compiler. The Windows and Linux downloads already contain the latest stable version of FPC, so you can build and run projects out-of-the-box. If you want more, read the manual about installation.
Linux downloads require GLIBC >= 2.34. This should be OK on any modern Linux distribution. If you have Debian 11 (oldstable, bullseye) you have to upgrade to at least Debian 12 (stable, bookworm). Or compile CGE from sources to link to your current GLIBC. We plan to distribute the engine also as snap package in the future.

2. Alternative download and installation options

2.1. GitHub releases with more variants (like downloads not bundled with FPC)

More downloads are available on . They contain:

  • Alternative "non-bundled" versions for some platforms (without the -bundle in zip name). Use them if you want to install the Pascal compiler (like FPC or Delphi) yourself. Remember to point CGE to your compiler using the "Preferences" editor window.

  • For Windows, alternative zip versions instead of self-installing exe.

  • Win32 platform, which we still support but discourage. The world has largely moved to 64-bit (for Windows and other OSes) so we recommend using Win64.


Head over to Castle Game Engine on to download the engine from

For extra comfort, use app. It’s very nice and allows to download + install the engine, or later update, with really 1 click.

This installs the latest released engine version, like 7.0-alpha.2. Not a snapshot.

2.3. Arch Linux User Repository

Arch Linux users can install Castle Game Engine from AUR (Arch User Repository).

The package is available on . Follow the standard AUR installation process:

  • Do it manually following AUR docs, like

    tar xzvf castle-engine-git.tar.gz
    cd castle-engine-git/
    makepkg -sri
  • Or use a helper like yay or paru. Once you have it working, execute yay -S castle-engine-git or paru -S castle-engine-git on the command-line.

This installs the latest engine version from the GitHub repository (master branch). Bleeding edge! (But in practice, often stable to be used even for production work.)

To improve this documentation just edit this page and create a pull request to cge-www repository.