1. Download the engine for your system

To build applications using the engine you also need to install a compiler. We recommend installing Lazarus with FPC. More information in the manual.

2. Alternative installation options


Head over to Castle Game Engine on to download the engine from

For extra comfort, use app. It’s very nice and allows to download + install the engine, or later update, with really 1 click.

This installs the latest released engine version, like 7.0-alpha2. Not a snapshot.

2.2. Arch Linux User Repository

Arch Linux users can install Castle Game Engine from AUR (Arch User Repository).

The package is available on . Follow the standard AUR installation process:

  • Do it manually following AUR docs, like

    tar xzvf castle-engine-git.tar.gz
    cd castle-engine-git/
    makepkg -sri
  • Or use a helper like paru. Once you have it working, just use paru -S castle-engine-git.

This installs the latest engine version from GitHub repository. Bleeding edge! (But in practice, often stable to be used even for production work.)

To improve this documentation just edit the source of this page in AsciiDoctor (simple wiki-like syntax) and create a pull request to Castle Game Engine WWW (cge-www) repository.