1. Castle Game Engine Installation

  1. Download the latest Castle Game Engine.

  2. Run the Castle Game Engine editor.

If you installed the engine using Windows installer, use your Windows menu to run the Castle Game Engine editor. On other systems, just unpack the engine ZIP wherever you like, and run the castle-editor executable (it is inside the bin subdirectory).

2. Optional: Install additional compiler and IDE

Optionally, you can install:

  • Additional Pascal compiler.

    On Linux and Windows, the engine is bundled with a ready version of FPC, so you don’t need to do anything. Compilation of CGE applications will "just work".

    But you can also install Delphi or other FPC version (e.g. using fpcupdeluxe). Configure in the the editor "Preferences" which compiler to use.

  • A Pascal IDE, like:

    In principle, you can edit the Pascal code in any text editor you have.

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