Creating Game Data

Creating Game Data
for games using Castle Game Engine

This guide discusses various aspects of preparing game data for use in Castle Game Engine. We'll talk about how to make the 3D stuff (levels, creatures, items — everything), and also how to write various helper data files (level.xml, resource.xml and such) that are read by our engine.


  1. Exporting 3D and 2D models
    1. Supported model formats
      1. glTF
      2. MD3
    2. Blender
    3. 3ds Max
    4. Maya
    5. Spine
  2. Auto-generated compressed and scaled textures
  3. Deprecated: XML files describing game data for typical 3D games
    1. Levels
    2. Resources (creatures and items)
    3. Player configuration
  4. Deprecated: Sounds XML description
Creating Game Data