Loading image

You can customize the initial "Loading" image (visible when you open the application) by changing the Theme.ImagesPersistent[tiLoading] image.

Looading from "Orcs and Volcanoes"

This should be done in the initialization section of some unit (more specifically, it should happen before window is opened). As such, you cannot load image from disk at this moment (as on Android, you cannot read from disk from initialization sections of units). So you want to process this image first with image-to-pascal tool, to make an embedded image in a Pascal unit.

In summary, this is what you should do:

  1. Run image2pascal GameEmbeddedImages my_loading.png (it will generate gameembeddedimages.pas unit).

  2. Add a new unit that initializes Theme.ImagesPersistent[tiLoading] in the initialization:

    unit GameAdjustLoadingScreen;
    uses CastleColors, CastleControls, GameEmbeddedImages;
      // Theme.LoadingBackgroundColor := Black; // adjust as needed
      // Theme.LoadingColor := White; // adjust as needed
      Theme.ImagesPersistent[tiLoading].Image := My_Loading;
      Theme.ImagesPersistent[tiLoading].OwnsImage := false;
  3. Use the GameAdjustLoadingScreen anywhere, e.g. from GameInitialize unit.


  • The Theme.LoadingBackgroundColor determines the background underneath the "loading" image. You usually want to adjust Theme.LoadingBackgroundColor to match your my_loading.png background.

  • The Theme.LoadingColor is a color applied to the loading image. It multiplies the color of image my_loading.png. Usually you don’t need to adjust Theme.LoadingColor if you’re already customizing the Theme.ImagesPersistent[tiLoading] image to your own.

  • By default loading image is displayed with UI scaling that adjusts to reference size 1600x900. You can customize these properties to tweak it:

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