Helping in the engine development

1. For everyone

2. For developers

  • Use our engine to make your next fantastic game!

  • Contribute code! Remove a bug, add a feature! (Not the other way around:)

    Code changes are best submitted as pull requests on GitHub. Pull requests are really easy for you to create (fork our repository, commit stuff to your fork, then create a pull request by clicking on GitHub), and for me to apply.

    If you're looking for a feature to implement, take a look at our roadmap.

  • Contribute to our wiki useful tips or tutorials about using our engine.

3. For 3D artists

If you use Castle Game Engine or our tools (like view3dscene) to view or play anything (a game, or just your 3D or 2D assets):

4. For Linux package maintainers

Package Castle Game Engine and view3dscene for your favourite Linux distribution.