Close up shadows on the tree. Notice that leaves (modeled by alpha-test texture) also cast correct shadows.
Water reflections by optimized GeneratedCubeMapTexture
Mirrors by RenderedTexture, by Victor Amat

Scene graph (X3D)

Simplifying, X3D (and it's older version, VRML) is a file format for 3D models. You will find that virtually any 3D modeling program can export to it, for example Blender includes an X3D exporter (see also our Blender exporting notes).

To start the fun, just create some X3D models (or download them from the Internet, or grab our demo models) and open them with our view3dscene.

As a 3D file format, X3D is quite unique, as

Learning X3D: Use this part of the documentation to learn about the available X3D nodes and their fields.