Demo models 3.9.0

Shinto shrine model, from , with multiple shadow maps enabled
Shiny dark metallic material under multiple lights, with per-pixel lighting.
Volumetric fog
Textured spot light with shadow
Castle "overburn" simple effect.
Shadow volumes from chopper over a house scenery. Chopper can be moved, rotated, scaled by mouse.
Fountain level model, with shadow volumes.
The same fountain level model, with shadow volumes. After some interactive fun with moving/rotating stuff around :)


1. About

This is our collection of demo 3D models. Some are impressive 3D models, some (most) are simple models demonstrating some technical feature. Most of the models are in X3D and VRML formats, but in general various formats handled by view3dscene and Castle Game Engine are used. At the beginning of most files (remember that you can open X3D files in normal text editor too) you can find comments explaining what this file demonstrates.

These models were created to test our Castle Game Engine, but many of them should also be handled by other conforming X3D and VRML browsers.

Files inside warnings/ subdirectories are deliberately invalid in some ways. Good X3D browser should display a sensible warning message and (when possible) continue (omitting only the problematic part).

2. Development

Comments and contributions to these demos are most welcome. See forum for ways to contact us. If you have a cool 3D model, something interesting, or maybe just something difficult for our engine, please share it with us! We love to see how you use our tools :)

Feel free to expand, modify, redistribute these test files — they are covered by GNU GPL >= 2 license.

You can always download the very current version of these models from our GitHub project, like this:

git clone

3. Authors

Most of the 3D models here were created by Kambi (Michalis Kamburelis). Simple test models were simply manually crafted in a text editor. The more complicated meshes were created in Blender (see our Blender exporting documentation), you will find the .blend source files inside. For 2D art I usually use GIMP. Skies generated with Terragen.

Large/important contributions:

  • Victor Amat provided a lot of interesting demos. To mention some: flat mirrors by RenderedTexture (see x3d/rendered_texture/), Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (see shadow_maps/ssao*), shadow maps tests (including demo to visualize bias/scale, shadow_maps/shadow_bias.x3dv), vrml_2/camera_{orient,rot}.wrl, orientation_interpolator_alum_box.wrl, test textures for spherical mapping testing (textures/spheremap-*.jpg). Thousand thanks!

  • Stephen H. France provided various tests for TimeSensor, Extrusion and others. Thanks!

  • Various models were based on models, also some textures were taken from there. This is a great site where you can find models and textures on clear open-source licenses (GPL or CC), thousand thanks go to it's many contributors.

    Examples include Shinto Shrine (used for compositing shaders demo inside compositing_shaders/shinto_shrine/). Also a lot of textures, see compositing_shaders/textures/AUTHORS.txt.

  • Orin Palmer created plane model in 3DS, see 3ds/p47d.3ds and 3ds/p47d.txt.

  • Many textures inside textures/castle/ are from public domain textures from unfinished game "Golgotha"

  • lion bump mapping textures from Philippe David steep parallax mapping code, based on paper about steep mapping.
  • See also AUTHORS.txt files inside the archive for detailed and complete listing of authors and sources.

Thanks to everyone!