Close up shadows on the tree. Notice that leaves (modeled by alpha-test texture) also cast correct shadows.
Castle level with sharp spot headlight
Volumetric fog
Water reflections by optimized GeneratedCubeMapTexture

Larger X3D Extensions

This section documents the larger X3D extensions developed for the Castle Game Engine.

Try them! Simply download Castle Model Viewer and explore the demo models collection. All these extensions and graphic effects are easy to use, and available in Castle Game Engine without the need to code at all. It's just X3D, so you simply declare them in your X3D files, and engine takes care of all the rendering and processing.


  1. Shader Effects (Compositing Shaders)
  2. Mirrors on flat objects
  3. Screen (Post-Processing) Effects
  4. Shadow Maps
  5. Shadow Volumes
  6. (Old) VRML 1.0

Not that the smaller extensions are documented earlier, alongside the respective X3D components. Look at the "Extensions" subpages of the "Standard X3D Components".