Event utilities component

This component defines nodes for simple event processing. In simple cases, they may be used instead of the more flexible (but also more complicated, and less portable across VRML/X3D browsers) Scripting component.

See also X3D specification of the Event utilities component.


See also Castle Game Engine (and view3dscene) extensions related to event utilities.

1. Demos

For demos and tests of these nodes, see the event_utilities subdirectory inside our VRML/X3D demo models.

A nice reference sheet for the X3D event utility nodes is available here, thanks to Don Brutzman!

2. Supported nodes

We support all nodes from this component: BooleanFilter(Pascal API: TBooleanFilterNode),
BooleanToggle(Pascal API: TBooleanToggleNode),
BooleanTrigger(Pascal API: TBooleanTriggerNode),
IntegerTrigger(Pascal API: TIntegerTriggerNode),
TimeTrigger(Pascal API: TTimeTriggerNode),
BooleanSequencer(Pascal API: TBooleanSequencerNode),
IntegerSequencer(Pascal API: TIntegerSequencerNode).