Environmental effects component

This component defines special rendering effects. Background defines the sky colors and textures. Fog and LocalFog simulate natural fog.

See also X3D specification of the Environmental effects component.

Supported nodes:

  • Background (API reference),
    TextureBackground (API reference),
    Fog (API reference),
    LocalFog (API reference)

  • FogCoordinate (API reference) is also supported.

    Note that depths (in FogCoordinate.depth) are sensible only in the [0, 1] range (like allowed by the specification), and are not affected by the Fog.visibilityRange (also following the spec). Effectively, this means that FogCoordinate.depth does not substitute the mere distance to the eye in the fog equation. Instead, it specifies directly the fog intensity. I understand that this is the intention of the spec, although the wording is clumsy (not saying directly what "implicit depth" is — fog input distance or fog output intensity).