The Castle — credits


1. Authors

Michalis Kamburelis did the whole programming and most of the 3D modelling.

Szymon Stoma and Kaśka Zaremba designed and modelled the scenario on "The Gate" level (all models in data/levels/gate/gate_parts/), modelled many 3D objects (keys, bow, quiver, arrows, ball_missile_s), provided some sounds and a large amount of feedback.

Grzegorz Hermanowicz implemented underwater "sick" projection effect and started gravity for arrows implementation.

Michał Wojtkiewicz provided the levels/gate/tree model.

Great thank you to everyone who contributed!

2. Software used when developing this game

  • Castle Game Engine. The base of our game.

    We also used some engine tools and accompanying programs: rayhunter was used to render some items 2D images (see data/items/xxx/image.png), view3dscene was used to test and slightly edit 3D models, and to make many screenshots.

  • Free Pascal Compiler


  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • ImageMagick
  • Terragen was used to create skies (see data/skies/).
  • Some post-processing of VRML models was done using EmacsLisp. See data/kambi-castle-utils.el and various Makefiles, like data/levels/gate/Makefile.


  • Sweep and Audacity were used to edit sounds.
  • Sox was used for some batch processing of sounds.

3. Data used in this game

While most of the data used by the game was done by "The Castle" team (see above), some data was obtained from the Internet, under various "free" licenses. Unfortunately, not 100% of them are really FOSS compatible, but we're working on it. See castle/data/AUTHORS.txt for details.

The larger data collections used:

3.1. DOOM E1M1 bonus level

Inside the game I added, as a joke/experiment/tribute, a level based on well-known id Software game "Doom". Level geometry and textures come from original DOOM E1M1 level, the level is just converted to VRML (and changed in many places for my engine).

Thanks go to whole Id staff that produced DOOM. For a lot of technical details how DOOM E1M1 level was done in my game, see the file data/levels/doom/e1m1/README.txt in game data. Music is taken from great "DOOM I and II Music" as compiled by Paul Burdette.

Legal things:

For distro packagers: remember that the Doom level and it's resources (i.e. most of the things inside directories data/levels/doom/e1m1/, data/textures/doom/, data/sounds/doom/ and data/skies/doom/) are not open-source, are not covered by GNU GPL license, are not under my (Michalis Kamburelis) copyright etc. Legally, I guess that they are a heavily processed version of the content that was originally developed by Doom authors, and they own it.

If you want to redistribute my game as a pure open-source, you can simply remove these doom/ subdirectories. The DOOM level will then disappear from the "New Game" menu.

For Id Software: hopefully if any lawyer working for Id Software will ever spot this page, he will understand that the "Doom level" in my game is

  • Partially a joke and an experiment (how Doom level will look when rendered in modern technology, with free 3D and OpenGL and all).
  • Partially a tribute to Doom.
  • I include only the very first Doom level, E1M1, that is virtually known to every person who ever played any computer game, it was even released as a shareware after all.
  • The "Doom level" is not a main level of my game, it's just a bonus.

So don't sue me. Thanks :)