Online Converter for 3D and 2D Models

Can also be used to convert between X3D encodings (classic, XML) and pretty-print X3D and VRML models.


This tool is completely free (for any usage, commercial or not). If you find it useful please support me on Patreon.

Advanced usage notes:

  • You can upload multiple files (select them with Ctrl key in the open dialog) if it makes sense for the given model format. E.g. upload glTF JSON + optional binary data, or Wavefront OBJ + optional MTL file.

  • This tool is free and open-source software. It is a set of scripts (PHP, Docker and shell scripts) using Castle Game Engine and castle-model-converter under the hood.

  • This online converter has some limits on the uploaded file size and conversion time. If needed you can just download castle-model-viewer or castle-model-converter and perform the same conversion on your own computer, without any limits. You can also generate screenshots or perform mass conversion from your scripts this way.

  • The models you upload here, and the resulting output, are not stored on the server longer than absolutely necessary (to perform the conversion, and then the output is kept for 15 minutes to allow you download it). Your models remain yours, we don't keep them.

  • If you experience any problems, please contact us. You can submit bugs to the castle-model-viewer bugtracker. There is no warranty.