Standard command-line options (for programs with a graphical interface)

Most of the programs using Castle Game Engine accept the command-line options listed below.

(Developers: these options are handled automatically by CGE applications that follow our template and call Application.ParseStandardParameters from castleautogenerated.pas.)


Start in fullscreen mode.

For some programs, you can also switch between fullscreen and windowed mode at runtime. Standard key shortcut for this is F11.

--fullscreen-custom WIDTHxHEIGHT

Start in fullscreen mode with screen resolution changed to WIDTH x HEIGHT.

If given WIDTH x HEIGHT resolution is not available then error message will be shown and program will start in fullscreen mode using current screen resolution.

--geometry WIDTHxHEIGHT<sign>XOFF<sign>YOFF

Start in window mode with given WIDTH and HEIGHT positioned at (XOFF, YOFF).

<sign> is either "+" or "-". +XOFF means that left window border should be XOFF pixels from left screen border. Note that XOFF itself may be negative (e.g. in --geometry 100x100+-100+100) and then window will be positioned slightly offscreen. Similarly, -XOFF means that right window border should be XOFF pixels from right screen border. Similar for +YOFF or -YOFF — they specify distance from upper or lower screen border.

You can omit the <sign>XOFF<sign>YOFF part and provide only WIDTHxHEIGHT part. You can also omit WIDTHxHEIGHT part and provide only <sign>XOFF<sign>YOFF part.

This option works the same as standard -geometry option for most XWindows programs.

Note that window manager may disallow or modify requested window position and/or size. Note that you can also of course change window size and position of the window while the program is running (by dragging window border and such).

--display DISPLAY-NAME

(Only on platforms using X Windows, in practice: Unix)
Set the XWindows display to use.

See also general notes about options understood by our programs.