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kambi_mgf2inv is just a slightly modified version of the mgf2inv program by Greg Ward. mgf2inv converts files in MGF (Materials and Geometry Format, also developed by Greg Ward) format into VRML 1.0 models (or Inventor 1.0 or 2.0).

My kambi_mgf2inv writes six additional fields of node Material that describe physical material properties for Phong BRDF. These properties are already available in MGF (with the exception of two exponents, reflSpecularExp and transSpecularExp, they have to be calculated from MGF's roughness) so writing these values into VRML was not a problem. It allowed me to test rayhunter — raytracer based on VRML models — on existing MGF models. All I had to do was to convert MGF models with this program.

kambi_mgf2inv fixes also a small bug in mgf2inv, non-convex faces were sometimes marked as convex with mgf2inv. (This is already fixed in the current Radiance version (current, i.e. experimental, not official; downloadable from http://www.radiance-online.org/) so soon it will be fixed in official mgf2inv version too)