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  2. Optional command-line options
  3. Things used when developing this game
Image from "malfunction"

Malfunction is a small 3D game made by Michalis Kamburelis with a very very early Castle Game Engine version.

You sit inside the most malfunctioning space ship in the whole universe. You are surrounded by alien spaceships. Destroy them all!

1. Download

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Installation: just extract the downloaded archive anywhere. Run the game binary (./malfunction on Unix, malfunction.exe on Windows).

This is free/open-source software. Get the code from GitHub.

When you run the game, first thing to do is read the "short game instructions". They tell you what keys are available during the game etc.

2. Optional command-line options

By default, program will run in window mode, unless your screen resolution is 640x480, in which case fullscreen mode will be used. You can change this by using standard options understood by my OpenGL programs.. E.g.

  malfunction --geometry 400x300
will force using window sized 400x300.
  malfunction --fullscreen
will force using fullscreen mode (in it's current resolution).
  malfunction --fullscreen-custom 1024x768
will force using fullscreen mode in 1024x768 resolution.

Although every window and screen size are acceptable, the game looks best in 640x480 or 800x600 resolution.

See also notes about command-line options understood by my programs.

3. Things used when developing this game

Compiled by Free Pascal Compiler (FPC). PNG graphics are loaded thanks to libpng, JPEG graphics are loaded thanks to a modified version of pasjpeg (which is the translated to Pascal version of original ANSI C code written by Independent JPEG Group).

Skies in the files skies/lake_sky* and skies/foggy_sky* are generated using a cute program Terragen. skies/thespace made from graphics from http://www.grsites.com, textures/water002.jpg is also from there. textures/metal{5,6}, textures/rock{2,6,8} from http://www.amazing3d.com (from free textures), textures/bridger_road_top.jpg from public domain Golgotha textures. Menu items use "I suck at golf" font from [Divide by zero].

The rest of graphics were made by me, mostly using GIMP.

"Tie fighter" and "destroyer" models are modified versions of tieftr.wrl and station.3ds from http://www.3dcafe.com (from free models), the rest of VRMLs made by me by hand or using Blender (and processed by some Emacs macros).