Important fixes, small website and engine improvements

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New assets list webpage
API docs searching
Test All State Events demo

Important fixes:

  1. Editor on Windows: Fixed a random crash when doing F9 on Windows.

  2. Fixed physics crash on i386 (32-bit CPUs)

  3. Editor UI fix: Alt+tab and back no longer clears selection, no longer resets the preview in bottom-right corner.

  4. Fixed castle-engine package-source – it was accidentally by default creating a zip file, but with tar.gz extension. Now it correctly by default creates a zip file with zip extension, it also reacts correctly to --package-format=targz .

Website improvements:

  1. API docs searching for short/common words like X or Up fixed.

  2. We have a new page Gallery -> Assets (3D and 2D Graphics, Sound) listing various useful places where you can download good quality assets (graphics and sounds) for your CGE games.

    It just lists a few sites with good quality stuff useful with CGE. The list is absolutely very subjective, based on my (Michalis) opinion and just reflecting what I’m using myself when I need a ready graphic/sound. I like good quality things, useful in games, and free on clear open-source licenses (although I’m OK when the site has paid assets too — e.g. I’m cool with recommending Sketchfab, as long as they also support assets on open-source licenses).

    Before you ask: Yes, we should have Castle Game Engine Asset Store some day 🙂 In the meantime, I would encourage to submit to assets with [CGE] in the name (this has been approved by OGA moderators as the way to go).

  3. Simpler talk to us page to show the 4 important ways of contact: Discord, forum, GitHub issues, Patreon.

Small engine improvements:

  1. We have an automatic tool to check correctness of our Lazarus packages in tools/internal/check_lazarus_packages/. This checks that our LPK contain all the necessary files (which also means they’ll be recompiled on changes), and is automatically run by our Jenkins after every commit / on every new branch to check it.

  2. New simple demo examples/user_interface/test_all_state_events, replaces old examples/window/window_events.

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