Fixes to FreeType and VorbisFile dependencies, new Platformer release (now on Android too)

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Platformer demo - title screen
  • We now gracefully tolerate:

    • Missing VorbisFile library. If missing, we will just not play OggVorbis files, but otherwise everything will work.

    • Missing FreeType library. If not available, texts will be rendered using the standard UIFont, instead of being invisible.

    It has been always our intention to tolerate missing external library dependencies as much as we reasonably can. Because “in the wild” there are many reasons why dynamic library may fail to load (some of them under the control of the developer, some not), so it’s best to tolerate these failures nicely.

    Of course they are reported using warnings (watch log), and as a developer you want to make sure to package your library correctly. But we want to tolerate here mistakes — a game without music is better than a game that crashes at start for user.

  • We have fixed the automatic packaging of FreeType and VorbisFile DLLs on Windows. We added their necessary Visual C++ Redistributables dependencies (vcruntime140.dll, msvcr120.dll). The build tool and editor will automatically place all necessary DLLs alongside your EXE when building a Windows application.

  • We have released a new version of our Platformer demo. It is now available on Android. Also the Windows build includes the Visual C++ Redistributables previously missing.

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