Invoke Visual Studio Code or Delphi from CGE editor

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Castle Game Engine editor preferences
Visual Studio Code editing Castle Game Engine  program

You can now easily choose to invoke Visual Studio Code or Delphi from the Castle Game Engine Editor preferences window.

This is in addition to the previous options to invoke Lazarus IDE or a custom editor (where you can easily configure e.g. Emacs, my editor of choice 🙂 ).

By default we have Autodetect, which selects the first of Lazarus, Delphi or Visual Studio Code — whichever we find on your system.

Visual Studio Code is a modern cross-platform IDE for various programming languages and frameworks. You can use it with Object Pascal and Castle Game Engine instantly.

Tip: Did you know there’s also a web version of VS Code, easily available? Just go to any repository on GitHub (like castle-engine) and press . (dot) on your keyboard. Woah — a full-featured editor running just in your browser! And it can sync settings. And it is integrated with GIT and GitHub — if you edit a repo where you’re not a member, it can easily create a PR from your edits. I recently listened to GitHub Universe 2021 talks, a lot of interesting content from GitHub, and they integrate new features into VS Code intensively.

The Delphi integration with CGE editor is not a final version — it will be better once we use DDE for inter-process communication to avoid opening new Delphi window each time. More on Delphi progress in later post.

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