Good things: The Unholy Society, getting published, and various engine improvements

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  1. We already posted about our new upcoming game “The Unholy Society”. Some more background:

    Our little indie game studio “Cat-astrophe Games”, making games using “Castle Game Engine”, has just signed a contract with a great Polish publisher “Fat Dog Games”. That means that we have someone who will pay our bills while we develop games using “Castle Game Engine” !

    And this means that I, as of today, can work 100% of my time on “Castle Game Engine” and games using it (“The Unholy Society”, and also “Escape from the Universe” for iOS soon). Many things will happen, in more-or-less this order:

    • Expect some iOS improvements in November, for “Escape from the Universe” for iOS.

    • Expect Delphi compatibility in CGE. I know I did not post about it lately, but it is still the main feature of the upcoming CGE 6.4. release! More plans about CGE are listed here — I “live by this list” since a long time, trying to prioritize my life to achieve these engine features.

    • Expect various engine improvements caused by “The Unholy Society”: Steam integration. Spine support improvements (animated meshes, shearing, probably Bezier curves). And I will make (probably as a separate project on GitHub) a Yarn dialogue reader and player (Yarn dialogue was used e.g. in a fantastic “Night In The Woods” game).

  2. Engine improvements that happened lately:

    • (Work in progress) We have a new class TCastleTransform, that unifies and simplifies previous classes T3DTransform, T3DOrient, T3DCustomTransform. It is also the ancestor of TCastleScene, so finally you can just do Scene.Translation : ... without the need to wrapp the TCastleScene in a T3DTransform instance.

      There are still some bits in-progress here. I’ll write more when it’s finished.

    • Improvements to setting X3D fields comfortably: SetXxx on various TMFNode classes, e.g. SetParts, SetShaders.

    • Partially workarounded Lazarus CodeTools problems with new generics. Unfortunately, Lazarus CodeTools do not handle Delphi generics OK, yet. So Generics.Collections cause problems. Also CastleUtils unit on FPC 3.0.x causes problems (but not with FPC 3.1.1.)

    • Sound engine sources are now updated better (without the need for TCastleSceneManager).

    • Lazarus packages always use inline now (it was disabled for some time). So things will be faster.

    • TCastlePrecalculatedAnimation was removed from the engine. It was deprecated before 6.0 release. Simply use TCastleScene to play *.castle-anim-frames or *.kanim files.

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  1. Hi there, you’re doing a great job, I’m not developing games for now, but I’m using Lazarus from time to time and I’m considering using your project for future game development in the future, so keep moving and improving your work. best luck.

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