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Fixed-camera game example
isometric game screenshot
fps_game demo

We’re ready for the next Castle Game Engine 6.4 release. This weekend (Friday / Saturday), I’ll announce and upload everything 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a list of engine improvements we did in January:

  1. Drawing ellipses (and circles), rectangles, lines on TCastleImage thanks to Eugene Loza.

  2. Photo service on iOS and Android, thanks to Jan Adamec.

  3. DXF exporter application, thanks to @rweinzierl on our Discord.

  4. Many improvements to the engine examples:

    • rift (fixed_camera_game) example was completely reimplemented. It now uses TUIState, has muuuch simpler code, and is portable to mobile (Android, iOS).
    • Terrain example reimplemented, has now much more functions (like adjusting shader parameters) and better defaults (some taken from wyrd-forest), and is portable to mobile too (Android, iOS).
    • Various fps_game improvements for Android.
    • sandbox (now just “isometric_game”) code improved (although it still uses a very simple approach to rendering) and it can compile to mobile (although input still relies on a keyboard).
  5. Sound buffer improvements and fixes: TSoundBuffer is a class now (although it should be invisible to you, as it’s automatically managed by the sound engine). And it correctly “survives” if the application was paused / resumed on Android. So you can safely do Buffer := SoundEngine.LoadBuffer(‘sound.wav’) in Application.OnInitialize and then play this buffer at any time later.

  6. Easier way to adjust ApplicationName: just set ApplicationProperties.ApplicationName.

  7. New Viewpoint.fieldOfViewForceVertical field.

  8. New property Attributes.SolidColor to make Attributes.Mode = rmSolidColor reliable with the shader pipeline.

  9. The assets:/ protocol is deprecated, better use now castle-android-assets:/. Read more about the protocols supported here, and reasons for name change are listed here. This should be internal (invisible during normal engine usage), as cross-platform applications should never explicitly use this protocol.

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