Spine Bezier paths support, some fixes

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Spine curves rendered in view3dscene
Spine curves

New features:

  • We now support Spine paths. They are converted to NURBS curves internally, and you can display them or use them from code to do anything you like (e.g. animate camera or some character along the path). See Spine support in Castle Game Engine for notes.

  • view3dscene has new menu items in the “Edit” section: “Hide Selected Shape”, “Reveal All Hidden Shapes”


  • We now treat Intel GPU on Windows with driver version >= 9 more like a normal GPU: assume they can make cubemaps, and generate mipmaps. See here.

  • Fix testing OpenGLES on 64-bit Windows (using Mali or Angle). See also here, and see updated links to get OpenGLES on Windows.

  • Fix compiling with CodeTyphon FPC. Thanks to Benedikt Magnus!

    Note that Michalis still advices to use normal FPC and Lazarus with Castle Game Engine, not CodeTyphon. I simply trust more in FPC and Lazarus developers, they care about making open-source Pascal code in a proper way, and with good quality.

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