New server, new fixes and new (small) features

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"The Unholy Society" curve on bridge
  1. Our website has moved: It is now on . Our own server (in Los Angeles), our own domain. This makes our website independent from SourceForge. And it opens the door for some cool new features (online 3D models converter, screenshot generator, notifications from WordPress).

    The website on SourceForge continues to work, but it now simply redirects to .

    Our most important downloads (engine, view3dscene) have also moved, to be independent from SourceForge. They are now hosted on GitHub. This makes downloading smoother (no more SourceForge “download redirect” page). BTW, did you know we have a permanent link to the latest CGE download:

  2. Important fixes:

    • Mouse look handling on Windows 10 has been fixed.

    • Fix for Windows Intel GPUs version <= 8: use fixed-function pipeline.

  3. Small new features:

I have some more cool news to share, stay tuned! 🙂

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  1. Hi, why the FPS is so low (17), are you doing there something very resource expensive. And what are the PC specs? Thanks. I’m interested in your engine, just started sniffing around.

    1. On the screenshot, there was a very CPU-intensive animation of rain (not optimized, a lot of transformations each frame), and the engine was compiled in debug mode (which makes all CPU operations checked — for range and overflow errors). A final release easily runs with 60 FPS, and that’s on a rather old PC 🙂 (~10 year old Linux PC with NVidia “GeForce GTS 450” with < 1 GB texture memory).

      See for some general optimization advices when working with the engine.

      And once is released, you will be able to see yourself that the location from this screenshot works fast 🙂

      1. Thanks for your detailed answer! 🙂 Congratulations for the game on Steam! wishlisted.
        Another thing I can’t confirm around is if your engine is exclusively to work with FreePascal, or it can support Delphi too?

        1. I saw your question through Disqus, the answer is on 🙂


          We do not work yet with Delphi, only FPC/Lazarus.

          That said, I’m working on Delphi compatibility. Some base units are already compatible with Delphi. I wanted to make Delphi compatibility in engine 6.4, but simply did not have time, so this goal was postponed to the engine release 6.6. See for my plans about Castle Game Engine 🙂

          I also have some exciting news from last week — in short, thanks for Embarcadero, I have access to the latest Delphi versions, including Android and iOS and Linux platforms, and will be able to test CGE with this 🙂 So, Delphi compatibility is happening. It just takes time. You can support me on to make it happen quicker 🙂

          As for the exact Delphi version support: Right now I focus the port on the latest Delphi, 10.2. Once this is done, we can go back and support as old Delphi version as possible. Any Delphi version that includes support for generics (as we use them heavily) should be OK, which in principle means that we can support Delphi >= 2009, including XE3. (If you have Delphi XE3, and want to test — go ahead, grab the CGE source code, and try the “examples/delphi/base_tests/base_tests.dpr” in Delphi.)

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