Castle Game Engine is now Embarcadero Technology Partner

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Chinchilla model in X3D, based on high-poly version in "Big Buck Bunny"

We are now officially Embarcadero Technology Partner!

What this means, in simple terms, is that Michalis has full access to the latest Delphi version, with all the Delphi platforms (including Android and iOS), for free.

This should be great news for everyone waiting on Castle Game Engine + Delphi compatibility:) We have no more excuses now, Castle Game Engine will have to work perfectly with Delphi!

Thanks go to Embarcadero, and in particular Jim McKeeth, for making this possible.

(P.S. I curse myself for making this announcement on the one day of the year when everyone else is making jokes 🙂 Yes, this is very real, and is happening! Our supported compilers and IDEs page is already updated about it.)

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  1. Congratulations, please think also about older Versions of Delphi. (when possible) Regards, Hans-Peter

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