Article about CGE in Blaise Pascal Magazine (free for Patrons), also: meet me at Lazarus Professional Conference next week

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  1. The next issue of Blaise Pascal Magazine will contain a nice long article I wrote about Castle Game Engine! 20 pages, describing how to use the engine from absolute basics, showing how to construct a simple cross-platform 3D game using TCastleWindow, TCastleScene, TCastleTransform, SoundEngine features. I am quite happy with it 🙂

    I will also make the article available for all Patrons of Castle Game Engine at the end of this month (September). If you would like to support the development of CGE, now is the time 🙂

    The article is accompanied by a public example code and data.

  2. I will also be present next week an the Lazarus Professional Conference in Bonn. You can meet me on Saturday (22 September), during Community Day, when we will be showing Castle Game Engine.

    Please drop by to talk, or just to say “hi”:)

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