November Engine Features (Part 5): Sprites (example and tool to create sprite sheets), examine camera improvements

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Character from "The Unholy Society" ( ) remade as a sprite sheet
sprite_sheet_animation example, using character from "The Unholy Society" ( ) (remade as sprite sheet)
  1. A new example how to render sprites using the TSprite class was added: look in the examples/sprite_sheets/sprite_sheet_animation directory.

    Also, a simple tool to create a sprite sheet from a sequence of images is now available in the examples/sprite_sheets/combine_images_into_sprite_sheet directory.

  2. New features of TExamineCamera:

    1. Disable rotations by RotationEnabled

    2. Configure mouse buttons by MouseButtonRotate, MouseButtonMove, MouseButtonZoom.

    3. Zooming works with orthogonal camera (in which case we need to scale the model, as moving camera closer/further away doesn’t have any visible effect).

  3. LogFileName allows to easily configure log destination.

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