Animating by mesh deformation in Spine, physics spiral of death avoidance, examples and manual upgrades

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Spine Free-Form Deformation example
  1. We now support Spine “Free-form Deformation”, which allows to animate (deform) the mesh by moving particular vertexes around. This is a great feature to animate e.g. facial expressions.

    A demonstration how it works in CGE is here. An instructive video how to create FFD animation in Spine is here. We also have a sample model using it inside our demo models, in spine/free_form_deformation.

    Big thanks go to Trung Le (kagamma) for implementing this!

  2. Thanks to Andrzej Kilijański, our physics integration is now secure from the “spiral of death” that could occur when the physics simulation takes a long time to calculate (and, in effect, physics would need to account for larger and larger time spans, taking even more time).

    It works automatically, but you can adjust Viewport.Items.PhysicsProperties.MaxPhysicsTicksPerUpdate to tweak it.

  3. I made lots of updates to our manual and CGE examples, such that they describe the most advised way to use CGE API (after recent refactors). Almost everything now uses the TCastleViewport and TCastleWindowBase and initializes navigation and camera in a simple way.

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