iOS improvements

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iOS is the platform used by Apple iPhone and iPad devices. We’ve made a number of improvements to it, caused by upcoming The Unholy Society for mobile:

  • New build tool options to build and deploy (“archive” in Xcode terms) iOS application from the command-line (in batch mode). For example, use castle-engine package --target=ios --package-format=ios-archive-ad-hoc to get an IPA file of your application, which can be uploaded to your devices or TestFairy. It is documented in the Castle Game Engine for iOS page.

  • Suport for square compressed textures on iOS.

    Note: BTW, castle_engine_auto_generated.xml was renamed to CastleAutoGenerated.xml, following our conventions for other CGE-special files.

  • FreeType support on iOS. This means you can freely load font files (TTF, OTF) at runtime on iOS. You don’t need to do anything special to activate it, just load font files as decribed in our manual and it will work on iOS.

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