Upcoming Debian conference CGE talk, video from Web3D 2020 talk, engine improvements: new 2D geometry primitives, no more libGLU

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Michalis Kamburelis talking at Web3D 2020
  1. I’ll give a presentation about Castle Game Engine at MiniDebConf Online #2 “Gaming Edition”, an online Debian conference devoted to game development. The presentation is already recorded :), and I hope it is good. I focus on Castle Game Engine editor. I create a 3D level in Blender and put it in a 3D CGE game, I do some code editing, and I build a 2D game for Android too — all in 38 minutes. I hope it will serve as a nice introduction to CGE, from scratch, going over the core engine/editor features and showing how to use it in practice.

    Afterwards there will be ~7 minutes for live questions.

    My presentation starts on Sunday, 22 November, 13:30 UTC, see schedule.

    You’re most welcome to attend 🙂

  2. As a teaser, see the presentation about CGE + view3dscene for Web3D 2020 that was this Wednesday. This is 21 minutes, and focuses on graphic features we offer in view3dscene (I mention there CGE, but don’t go into details how to use it from developer perspective).

  3. I implemented some additional X3D nodes to describe 2D geometry: Disk2D, Polyline2D, Polypoint2D, TriangleSet2D.

  4. We no longer depend on libGLU, even on desktops where we use OpenGL (not mobile OpenGLES) by default. This was a long-time coming move. The remaining usage of libGLU in CGE eliminated:

    1. You can use TCastleScene with X3D geometric primitives (like TSphereNode, TDisk2DNode and more) to render “quadrics” (previously, 2 old CGE examples used libGLU for this).

    2. We have own routine to generate mipmaps for ancient GPUs (on modern GPUs, we use glGenerateMipmaps since a long time of course).

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