Big merge with new features: non-visual components in editor, fonts (TTF and bitmap) in editor, sounds in editor, completely new sound API, behaviors and billboards, FMOD

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Game with 3D sound example
TCastleLabel, TCastleFont, TCastleBitmapFont demo
TCastleLabel, TCastleFont, TCastleBitmapFont demo - running
Doppler effect demo
Sound list editing (non-visual component design)

I just merged to Castle Game Engine master branch a big work that I’ve been doing for the past 6 weeks (exactly 200 commits). This brings a number of new cool features that I’m going to describe in details in the upcoming news posts (and a video!).

Brace yourselves 🙂

Here’s the summary:

  1. Non-visual components in the editor (attached to visual components, or saved to .castle-component)

  2. Upgrade to the font API and fonts (bitmap and TTF, OTF…) fully configurable in the CGE editor

  3. TCastleText improvements

  4. Serialization improvements

  5. Behaviors in the editor, including billboard behavior — the easiest way now to make a billboard

  6. Complete rework of the sound API with many improvements — less hassle to track playing sources, distance model good by default, all concepts more natural to use

  7. Sounds (spatial or not) can be set up in CGE editor (even drag-and-drop works!)

  8. Sound configuration in editor preferences (volume, mute-on-play)

  9. FMOD backend complete (added: spatial sounds, priority, distance model, offset)

  10. And lots of new examples (or heavily upgraded old ones), look in examples/audio/ , examples/fonts/ , also examples/window/window_events .

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