Installing FPC and Lazarus using FpcUpDeluxe

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This video shows how to install FPC and Lazarus (Pascal compiler and IDE) using FpcUpDeluxe. This process is also documented here. The video shows the process on Linux, with some Linux-specific details (like setting up symlinks in /usr/local/bin).

This method of installation allows you to choose any FPC/Lazarus version (stable, development), switch between multiple FPC/Lazarus versions as needed, and add cross-compilers (e.g. for mobile, to compile Castle Game Engine applications for Android).

FPC and Lazarus installed like this will be automatically used by the Castle Game Engine build tool and editor.

Note: For new CGE/FPC/Lazarus users, we actually advise a simpler approach. Just install Lazarus bundled with FPC from the Lazarus website. It is easier and works well for normal usage. If ever you decide you need an Android cross-compiler, you can always go for the more flexible FpcUpDeluxe installation (or try our Docker image to get various FPC versions with cross-compilers).

This is a first video from Andrzej Kilijański. Many thanks! More will follow soon! 🙂

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