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Platformer demo - title screen

Have a lovely Sunday!

And play our platformer demo, if you haven’t already 🙂 We have compiled version of the game, for Windows and Linux, ready here:

You can download it manually as a zip file, or using comfortable App.

We have also updated Castle Game Engine page to represent the engine better.

For developers, an additional treat is the examples/platformer/ directory that contains the shell script and manifest files that show how to 100% automatically release your game on CGE. You can combine our build tool and butler to do this.

The platformer demo was developed by Andrzej Kilijański. For more information, see the README and the previous news about it.

Last but not least, after playing, you can watch the movie where Eugene Loza managed to play through the entire game without firing a single shot 🙂 For a more typical gameplay, pick up the weapon and fire with a Space key! Spoiler warning – of course watching the movie will kind of spoil the game for you. It’s probably more fun to play it yourself first:)

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