Android and iOS improvements, Docker and releases upgrade to FPC 3.2.2

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detect_scene_hit example screenshot

A few loosely connected improvements for building and mobile devices:


  1. Fixed building on Android when the project folder contained spaces. We no longer use ndk-build that cannot cope with that.

  2. Fixed (well, workarounded) crashes on Snapdragon (Adreno) Android devices when using parallax bump mapping.

  3. Updated Android prerequisites documentation. Using latest Android SDK with latest Java is OK now, and we no longer need to use ancient Java 8. Latest Android SDK is OK with Java 11, and just using default-jdk package in Debian stable works.


  1. Compilation for iOS with FPC 3.2.2 is fixed. Just like FPC, we now define iOS as a separate OS from “darwin”, and thus we’re ready for macOS 11 (desktops running on Arm64 CPU).

  2. Updated iOS documentation. Installing iOS cross-compilers using fpcupdeluxe works cool now.

Docker and releases:

  1. Our Docker image has been upgraded. It is now based on Debian buster (current stable) instead of stretch (oldstable). We kept relying on stretch (oldstable) for a long time, as Android SDK required ancient Java 8 — luckily this is no longer the case.

  2. Our Docker image contains now latest FPC version 3.2.2 and it is the default FPC version. Also the FPC trunk revision has been updated to latest revisions on 2021-07-18.

  3. This also means that CGE binary releases are now compiled with FPC 3.2.2 (instead of previous 3.2.0).

I did not really have any good image for this post, so attaching a screenshot from new examples/3d_rendering_processing/detect_scene_hit 🙂 It is a simple demo of TCastleViewport.TransformUnderMouse.

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