Various asset improvements: Wavefront OBJ texture options and possible PBR, Spine free form deformation with curve animation, fixes for creaseAngle in X3D and OBJ

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Oak Wavefront OBJ model
Spine FFD animation test

Various improvements to various asset formats:

  • We now implement Wavefront OBJ texture options. They are all parsed correctly, and the scale, offset, clamp are actually handled.

    We can also generate PBR (physical) materials when reading Wavefront OBJ files. This feature is for now experimental, and you have to toggle global WavefrontPhongMaterial in X3DLoadInternalOBJ unit to false. In effect, we will create X3D PhysicalMaterial nodes from Wavefront materials, and we’ll use Pr for the PhysicalMaterial.MetallicRoughnessTexture. See the X3D specification of PhysicalMaterial for details what it implies.

  • We now support curve animation for Spine free form deformation. Thanks go to Kagamma (Trung Le) for implementing this!

    The testcase is in our demo-models, open spine/free_form_deformation/exported/skeleton.json and run head_curve animation.

  • Fixed important bug on all 3D models that could use automatic normals generation based on creaseAngle (like X3D and Wavefront OBJ by default).

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