Delphi Port Progress – window, UI, designs (JSON) serialization, XML compatibility, Delphi 11 / 10.4, Windows 32 and 64, PNG using PngImage

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state_events example using Delphi
TCastleEdit in Delphi
Various UI controls using CGE in Delphi
test_all_state_events example using Delphi
TCastleTimer in Delphi

We made great progress porting Castle Game Engine to Delphi.

  • Running an engine in a window (using TCastleWindowBase) on Windows works.

  • User interface controls (things in CastleControls, CastleUIControls units, like buttons, images, edit boxes etc.) all work.

  • Reading and writing design files, like .castle-user-interface, that you create using CGE editor works. We’re using a version of FpJson and FpJsonRtti from FPC, with minimal adjustments to make them compile in Delphi.

  • Examples from examples/user_interface now work in Delphi.

  • XML compatibility much improved. This gives us compatibility layer to access XML in Delphi using similar classes as we use in FPC DOM and friends.

  • Tested now on both Delphi 11 and 10.4.

  • Tested now on both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

  • Reading PNG has a fallback on built-in PngImage unit available in Delphi. This is used if libpng DLL is not available at runtime.

See the previous news post for all plans about Delphi port. Everything described here is public of course, you can take a look at how it works already: see the pull request. In particular you can try it yourself, just take delphi branch from Andrzej Kilijański’s CGE fork.

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  1. Great work! Hope to finish delphi version soon

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