Pepper & Carrot – 3D platformer prototype

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2021-11-07 04_19_45-Greenshot
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We’re happy to present a new 3D platformer prototype made in Castle Game Engine – Pepper and the Potion of Jumping.

You can check out the source code and build it yourself from Pepper and the Potion of Jumping.

Most levels include collecting gems (currently yellow spheres) until you have enough to continue. There’s also a swimming level, 2 flying levels, and a couple of levels where you have to throw snowballs at Saffron, Shichimi, and Coriander. The final level is a ‘boss fight’ (kind of) against 3 dragons and a giant dragon head. Throw snowballs at them to win.

Credits go to ultidonki from our forum — thank you! Please post any feedback in the related forum thread.

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