Big Delphi port progress, beta download, watch my presentation at DelphiCon

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Castle Game Engine + Delphi: terrain example
Castle Game Engine + Delphi: compiler preferences
Castle Game Engine + Delphi: IDE preferences
Castle Game Engine + Delphi: 2D game
Castle Game Engine + Delphi: 2D game with log visible
Castle Game Engine + Delphi: play_animations demo
Castle Game Engine + Delphi: play_animations demo with glTF
Castle Game Engine + Delphi: JPEG by Vampyre Imaging Library

All Delphi users: Enjoy now easy link to download Castle Game Engine with Delphi support (beta version) on our main page!

And be sure to watch our presentation at DelphiCon 2021 today! (Update: this has already happened. Recorded video: ).

The development of Delphi port is now happening within PR #350. We have almost everything in CGE working now smoothly in Delphi!


Some examples that compile and work with Delphi (as well as FPC of course):

  • examples/user_interface/state_events
  • examples/3d_rendering_processing/collisions
  • examples/mobile/simple_3d_demo/
  • examples/3d_rendering_processing/view_3d_model_basic/
  • examples/3d_rendering_processing/view_3d_model_advanced/ (use this to load any model or image from ! )
  • examples/animations/play_animation
  • all 4 templates created by “New Project” from CGE editor
  • examples/terrain
  • examples/physics/*
  • examples/fps_game

(Soon, all examples will follow.)

For more information, consult also past news about Delphi: 1, 2.

This is a result of large work by Andrzej Kilijański and Michalis since many weeks. Please support us, and sponsor the development of next CGE features by donating on Patreon.

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