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I wrote this announcement a ~week ago, which feels like ancient times now. Since then, Russia attacked Ukraine. Right now bombs are falling on the heads of people in Ukraine, including people who use and develop CGE, including my friends and their families. I feel terrified, outraged and powerless — this horrible thing just happened, just because some murderous madman in Russia decided to play war.

We already announced this meeting earlier on Discord, and I propose we go ahead and try to do this meeting on 5th March… and hope the world will be at a better place, not worse, by then. I will let you know if we decide to reschedule.

Let’s meet and talk! Join Michalis Kamburelis and other Castle Game Engine developers, contributors and users.

The meeting will happen at 16:00 (UTC timezone) on Saturday, 5th March.

Meeting will be on our Discord channel #open_meeting.

Please keep your mic muted when you’re not speaking, to avoid the noise šŸ™‚

More details what can happen:

Many factors tell me that meeting together would be great šŸ™‚ It will be a great way to ask and answer “live” some CGE questions. It will be a great way to showcase what I’m working on. And I want to invite everyone else to showcase what you are working on too! I hope to make this a 2-way show, in which everyone interested has time to take the stage and show whatever (s)he wants, ask any questions etc.

Notable Replies

  1. Are you OK Michalis?

  2. Yes, thank you.

    Are you referring to the paragraph about the war in the post above? Personally I am safe, I live in Poland. I do know however some people who are in Ukraine (one of them is a very active CGE developer since a long time :slight_smile: ) or have family there. It feels sad that I cannot really help much.

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