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FreeBSD - CGE editor
FreeBSD - CGE editor
FreeBSD - CGE game

I was playing with latest FreeBSD (after listening to an excellent talk about the troubles with FreeBSD which nicely discusses non-technical problems in large open-source volunteer-led project).

Naturally, I tested Castle Game Engine on FreeBSD and it works flawlessly 🙂

I made a release of current CGE for FreeBSD.

This was done just by

cd castle-engine/tools/internal/pack_release/
./ freebsd x86_64

The editor, build tool just work, based on FPC and Lazarus that are available in FreeBSD ports (install just by pkg install fpc, pkg install editors/lazarus).

Note: This release is not rebuild automatically, unlike current Linux and Windows releases. But, well, let me know — we can make it rebuild automatically, if there’s interest! Otherwise, in a few weeks, this will be inevitably outdated. Of course you can always rebuild CGE from sources yourself on FreeBSD.

P.S. Don’t worry about low FPS on a screenshot — this was done in a virtual machine.

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