Various improvements: build tool, make, updated Docker image, smaller API updates – TCastleTransform.ExistsInRoot, TCastleImageTransform.Mipmaps

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Multiple cameras

While we continue work on big features (cameras + navigation, see teaser screenshot in this post; physics in editor), here’s a bunch of smaller engine enhancements you can enjoy already:

  1. The <compiler_options> in CastleEngineManifest.xml supports now detect_memory_leaks="true" (detects memory leaks with FPC, ignored by Delphi now), <defines> (best way to specify symbols; they can be put into both DPROJ / LPI reliably).

  2. Calling make in CGE main directory (on Unix, or Windows with Cygwin) is now more useful: it will build all tools, including the editor, and place them in bin/. Thus it automates most of compiling from source page — great to quickly recompile CGE from source code.

  3. Our Docker image was updated some time ago. Added php-cli, asciidoctor, bumped unstable FPC/Lazarus versions (to have TRegExpr change to UnicodeString).

  4. New property TCastleImageTransform.Mipmaps available, to make images look good from a distance.

  5. New TCastleTransform.ExistsInRoot property, TCastleTransform.ExistsInRootChanged virtual method. Use this to query whether object exists and all parents exist too.

  6. We fixed CastleResources freeing, which could exhibit in crashes e.g. in examples/fps_game/.

  7. Deprecated CastleRenderingCamera was causing too much trouble to maintain — removed. It was deprecated for quite some time already.

  8. Removed Giftiz integration, no longer exists.

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