Save the date: Next weekend: 2nd Open Meeting for CGE Users and Developers

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Castle Game Engine editor - sample compilation error

The time is near! Join Michalis Kamburelis and other Castle Game Engine developers, contributors and users at our 2nd meeting on Discord.

The meeting will happen at 15:00 (UTC timezone) on Saturday, 4th June.

Meeting will be on our Discord channel #open_meeting.

Please keep your mic muted when you’re not speaking, to avoid the noise 🙂


  1. Presentation of new/upcoming big CGE features: new camera and navigation features, physics, macOS Cocoa, and more.

  2. Your turn 🙂 I want to invite everyone to showcase what you are working on! I hope to make this a 2-way show, in which everyone interested has time to take the stage and show whatever (s)he wants.

  3. This is also the time for questions. I will be more than happy to answer any questions about the engine — how to do something, what do we plan etc.

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