Castle Game Engine Intro Tutorial – July 2022

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Enjoy a new tutorial about creating games with Castle Game Engine, covering all CGE essentials and demonstrating them on the latest engine version!

We cover:

  • Installation

  • Creating a new project from “3D FPS game” and “2D game” templates

  • Exploring the viewport, moving around, adding scenes, transforming scenes, lights, cameras (in 3D and 2D)

  • Building and running

  • Creating a sprite sheet (2D)

  • Manipulating light (3D)

  • Coding: Handling a button click

  • Coding: Playing a sound

  • Adding a new 3D object designed in Blender and exported to glTF

  • Coding: Shooting a missile – spawning a scene, with translation and moving direction synchronized with the player, coding a TCastleBehavior descendant

It demonstrates the latest version of Castle Game Engine that you can download, for free, right now!

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