Watch my DelphiCon 2023 presentation in 3 hours, watch my GIC 2022 presentation now :)

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GIC 2022

First, a reminder that our DelphiCon presentation is in ~3 hours, 2:00 PM in Central Standard Time. See DelphiCon 2023 to register, you can also just watch the live stream on Embarcadero YouTube. I hope you will enjoy it! I will be of course present during the presentation, go ahead and fire questions at me:) See also more talk information here.

Second: Game Industry Conference recently published a recording of my presentation there, from October 2022. It’s just 30 minutes, and it’s really a very different talk from DelphiCon, I talk about the engine high-level decisions (like glTF, X3D), motivation, thoughts on making open-source game engines (declarative, evangelism). The slides from GIC presentation are also available. So, if you can’t wait to see me :), I encourage to watch GIC 2022 talk now:

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