Planned: Steam integration and engine available as a download on Steam

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Steam page preview

One of bigger things we plan to have ready (before 7.0 release) is Steam integration. This actually means 2 things:

  1. Easy Steam integration (using “Steamworks SDK”) in your projects. This means accessing “Steamworks SDK” directly (without any “wrapper” library necessary) and being able to easily report to Steam things like achievements.

    Once initial integration will be finished, exposing more Steamworks features should be a breeze.

    Thanks to Eugene Loza, this is already in review: Steam PR.

  2. We also want to actually publish “Castle Game Engine” as a tool on Steam. This way you will be able to find, install, upgrade CGE using Steam, of course on all supported desktop platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS.

    As the engine will be a Steam application itself, we’ll have fun achievements
    too — e.g. “compile your first CGE game”, or “see 100 compilation errors” 🙂

    This is in progress, we have already bought the Steam page and we started to fill it with content. As soon as it’s somewhat ready, we’ll want to open it — to allow you to wishlist it, then we’ll release “early access” version on Steam.

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