Watch my presentation “Developing games and graphic visualizations in Pascal” from International Pascal Congress in Salamanca

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Salamanca photo from Michalis - Convent of San Esteban

My presentation from International Pascal Congress in Salamanca, 2023 titled “Developing games and graphic visualizations in Pascal”, has just been published on YouTube (also embedded below)!

I encourage to watch it, I think it turned out quite nicely 🙂 It is a bit different from my usual presentations — it’s not only about Castle Game Engine (though I did feature our engine), I talked in general about rendering, about features a good game engine should have (IMHO!), about low-level and high-level Pascal rendering libraries, about Apus Game Engine (by Ivan Polyacov) and Benjamin Rosseaux (PasGLTF, PasVulkan, Kraft, RNL…) work. I just had an hour to talk about everything — so necessarily I go over many topics quite fast, but I hope you will enjoy the ride 🙂

Slides from this talk are available here since a long time, along with my positive notes from the conference. See conferences page.

Watch the talk:

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