Example talking with OpenAI (ChatGPT) assistant using Castle Game Engine (from desktop or Android)

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Castle Game Engine - Talking with OpenAI assistant

I was playing with OpenAI “assistants” lately. Assistant acts like a ChatGPT with which you can talk, but adjusted personally to you — you can instruct the assistant to answer your questions using your guidelines, possibly using a database of your uploaded files and other information. For example, I can instruct assistant to “Call the person asking the question “Gary” and add a cat joke to every answer.”. I can also upload Castle Game Engine documentation in AsciiDoctor format.

Naturally, I thought “How hard it is to actually use the OpenAI API to do this? Can I do this from Castle Game Engine application?”. Turns out it was super-trivial 🙂 Took me 1.5h to have a basic version working. Later I extended it to support mobile and have better UX.

Here’s the result: https://github.com/castle-engine/castle-openai. Use this code as you please. As an example of talking with OpenAI, or just as an example of using TCastleDownload to communicate with any HTTP REST service. See the screenshot to get inspired 🙂

In related news, I have merged a pull request to support custom HTTP headers and request body on Android by Vlad (phomm). This extends the capabilities of our TCastleDownload on Android — which was critical to also make this example run smoothly on Android. Thank you!

Note that I don’t provide binaries for this application. You have to follow the README — get your own API key, create your own assistant, fill their ids as shown in the README. Then compile your own version of this application. Note that using OpenAI API this way is a paid feature — you will need to put some credits, and each query will use it.

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