All Variables

Name Unit Description
AnyNodeDestructionNotifications X3DNodes

Functions registered here will be called when any TX3DNode descendant will be destroyed.

ApplicationConfigOverride CastleFilesUtils

URL used as a prefix of all ApplicationConfig returned URLs.

ApplicationDataOverride CastleFilesUtils

URL used as a prefix of all ApplicationData returned URLs.

AutoOpenInventory CastlePlayer

Automatically open TCastlePlayer inventory when picking up an item.

BacktraceOnLog CastleLog

Dump backtrace (call stack) with each log.

BakedAnimationSmoothness X3DLoad

A smoothness value for "baked" animations loaded from castle-anim-frames files.

CastleDataIgnoreCase CastleURIUtils

On systems where filesystems are usually case-sensitive (Unix), accept also 'castle-data:/xxx` URLs that have different case than the actual files.

CastleDesignMode CastleUtils

Are we inside Castle Game Engine designer mode.

CurrentColor CastleGLUtils

Current color, set by glColorv and used for TCastleAbstractFont font printing (in case you use deprecated TCastleAbstractFont.Print overloads without explicit colors).

CurrentProgram CastleGLShaders

Currently enabled GLSL program.

DebugTimeStopForCreatures CastleCreatures


DecompressTexture CastleImages

Assign here texture decompression function that is available.

DefaultTriangulationDivisions X3DNodes


DefaultTriangulationSlices X3DNodes

Triangulation settings.

DefaultTriangulationStacks X3DNodes


DisableAutoDynamicGeometry CastleShapes

If nonzero, disables automatic TShape.DynamicGeometry detection on every node modification.

DynamicBatching CastleScene

Combine (right before rendering) multiple shapes with a similar appearance into one.

EnableBlockingDownloads CastleDownload

Does Download (synchronous downloading routine) support http and https protocol.

EnableNetwork CastleDownload


GammaCorrection CastleRenderOptions

Gamma correction makes color calculation follow reality better.

glBlitFramebufferEXT CastleGLUtils


GLContextCache CastleScene

Global OpenGL context cache.

GLFeatures CastleGLUtils


GLOutOfMemoryError CastleGLUtils

When GPU runs out of memory, raise exception (EOpenGLOutOfMemoryError) or merely make a warning.

GLTextureMinSize CastleGLImages

Constraints the scaling done by GLTextureScale.

GLTextureScale CastleGLImages

Scaling for all textures loaded to OpenGL.

GltfForcePhongMaterials CastleLoadGltf

Makes model loaded from glTF use Phong materials (TMaterialNode) instead of Physically-Based Rendering materials (TPhysicalMaterialNode).

GLVersion CastleGLVersion

Core OpenGL version information.

Input_Interact CastleViewport

Key/mouse combination to interact with clickable things in 3D world.

InternalCastleDesignInvalidate CastleUtils

Refresh UI of CGE editor, because hierarchy of UI/transforms changed.

InternalDisableDynamicLibraries CastleDynLib

Disable all dynamic libraries loading.

InternalEnableAnimation CastleSceneCore


InternalEnableRendering CastleScene


InternalFastTransformUpdate CastleSceneCore

Experimental optimization of Transform animation.

LimitFPS CastleControl


LoadAnimatedGifs CastleVideos

When True, then we will load animated GIFs using ffmpeg.

LoadImage_FileFilters CastleImages

File filters if you want to choose a file that can be loaded/saved by appropriate functions from Images unit.

LocaleDecimalSeparator CastleUtils


LogAllLoading CastleDownload

Log (through CastleLog) all loading, that is: all calls to Download.

LogChanges CastleSceneCore

Log changes to fields.

LogEnableStandardOutput CastleLog

Enable logging to StdOut, which is used on some platforms (like on Unix) and situations (like when run under CGE editor or CGE build tool).

LogFileName CastleLog

Set this to a filename that should contain log, before calling InitializeLog.

LogSectors CastleSectors


LogShaders CastleGLShaders


LogShadowVolumes CastleRenderOptions

Log shadow volume information.

LogShapes CastleShapes

Log various information about shapes.

LogTextureCache CastleTextureImages

Log texture cache events.

LogTextureLoading CastleGLImages

Log (through CastleLog) all texture and image loading to GPU.

LogTimePrefix CastleLog

Current log date/time prefix style.

LogTriangulation CastleTriangulate

Write to Log a lot of comments how the triangulation goes.

LogVideosCache CastleVideos

Log video cache events.

MaximumVideoLength CastleVideos

Maximum number of video frames to read, for TVideo.LoadFromFile.

MessageOKPushesState CastleMessages

Change MessageOK behavior to create TStateDialogOK and push it (using TUIState.Push) and immediately return, without waiting for user confirmation.

NodesManager X3DNodes

Singleton to manage X3D non-abstract node classes, that can be used in X3D files.

Notifications CastleGameNotifications


OnCreatureExists CastleCreatures

Global callback to control creatures existence.

OnItemOnWorldExists CastleItems

Global callback to control items on level existence.

OnScriptMessage CastleScript

Global method to output messages done by CastleScript writeln() function.

OptimizeExtensiveTransformations CastleSceneCore

Set this to optimize animating transformations for scenes where you have many transformations (many Transform nodes), and many of them are animated at the same time.

Parameters CastleParameters

Command-line parameters.

PlaceholderNames CastleShapes


PlayerInput_Attack CastlePlayer

Player inputs that deal with items.

PlayerInput_Backward CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_CancelFlying CastlePlayer

No key/mouse associated by default.

PlayerInput_Crouch CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_DownRotate CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_DropItem CastlePlayer

No key/mouse associated by default.

PlayerInput_Forward CastlePlayer

Player inputs that handle navigation.

PlayerInput_GravityUp CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_InventoryNext CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_InventoryPrevious CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_InventoryShow CastlePlayer

No key/mouse associated by default.

PlayerInput_Jump CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_LeftRotate CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_LeftStrafe CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_RightRotate CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_RightStrafe CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_UpRotate CastlePlayer


PlayerInput_UseItem CastlePlayer


Progress CastleProgress

Global progress bar instance.

ProgressConsoleInterface CastleProgressConsole

Assign this to Progress.UserInterface to use console progress bar.

ProgressNullInterface CastleProgress

A special progress user interface, that simply doesn't show progress anywhere.

RebaseRelativeUrlsInPrototypes X3DNodes

Whether to resolve relative URLs within X3D prototypes with respect to the file that instantiated the prototype (false, default, compatible with Instant Player) or to the file that defined the prototype (true, compatible with BS Contact).

RenderContext CastleRenderContext

Current OpenGL / OpenGLES context state.

SaveImage_FileFilters CastleImages


ScriptVerboseMessages CastleScript

In case of warnings/errors, output more verbose information about the script in which it occurred.

SHBasisMap CastleSphericalHarmonics

For each SHBasis function (first index of the array is LM of this function), a precalculated results of basic spherical harmonic functions.

StdErrStream CastleClassUtils

Streams to read/write a standard input/output/error of the program.

StdInStream CastleClassUtils

Streams to read/write a standard input/output/error of the program.

StdOutStream CastleClassUtils

Streams to read/write a standard input/output/error of the program.

stMenuClick CastleSoundEngine

Sounds used by TCastleOnScreenMenu.

stMenuCurrentItemChanged CastleSoundEngine

Sounds used by TCastleOnScreenMenu.

stPlayerDies CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerDropItem CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerDrowning CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerFootstepsDefault CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerInteractFailed CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerPickItem CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerSuddenPain CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerSwimming CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerSwimmingChange CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

stPlayerToxicPain CastleSoundEngine

Player sounds.

SupportedTextureCompression CastleImages

Which texture compression values are supported by the renderer (like OpenGL context).

SupportedTextureCompressionKnown CastleImages

Is the value of SupportedTextureCompression determined by the renderer (like OpenGL context) parameters.

TextureCache CastleTextureImages

Cache of texture images, equal to X3DCache and automatically initialized / finalized if you use X3DNodes unit.

TextureLoadingScale CastleMaterialProperties

Use the auto-generated alternative downscaled images.

ToneMapping CastleRenderOptions

Change the colors you render, to make them visually better.

TriangleCollisionTestsCounter CastleTriangles

Counter of collision tests done by TTriangle when the actual collision calculation had to be done.

UIFont CastleControls

The default font, used throughout the engine as a fallback.

UIFontSmall CastleControls


WarnAboutAbsoluteFilenames X3DNodes

Should we emit a warning when loading data from an URI with an absolute filename, like file:///c:/blah/myimage.png.

WindowPos CastleGLUtils

Global position for drawing 2D stuff.

WindowProgressInterface CastleWindowProgress

Assign this to Progress.UserInterface to use progress bar drawn on TCastleWindow.

X3DCache X3DNodes

Cache, for all the resources not tied with renderer context.

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