All Classes, Interfaces, Objects and Records

Name Unit Description
EBox3DEmpty CastleBoxes


ECannotAddToAnotherWorld CastleTransform


ECannotDecompressTexture CastleImages


ECannotLoadCompressedTexture CastleGLImages


ECannotSaveTextureContents CastleGLImages


ECasScriptAnyMathError CastleScript


ECasScriptAssignError CastleScript


ECasScriptError CastleScript


ECasScriptFunctionArgumentsError CastleScript


ECasScriptFunctionNoHandler CastleScript


ECasScriptLexerError CastleScriptLexer


ECasScriptMissingFunction CastleScript


ECasScriptParserError CastleScriptLexer


ECasScriptSyntaxError CastleScriptLexer

A common class for ECasScriptLexerError and ECasScriptParserError

ECheckFailed CastleUtils


EComponentNotFound CastleComponentSerialize


ECurveFileInvalid CastleCurves


EDeformatError CastleStringUtils


EDOMAttributeMissing CastleXMLUtils


EDOMChildElementError CastleXMLUtils


EDownloadError CastleDownload


EDynLibError CastleDynLib


EExcessiveOptionArgument CastleParameters


EExeNameNotAvailable CastleFilesUtils


EFramebufferError CastleGLImages

Part of CastleGLImages unit: rendering to texture (TGLRenderToTexture).

EFramebufferInvalid CastleGLImages


EFramebufferSizeTooLow CastleGLImages


EGenerateMipmapNotAvailable CastleGLUtils

Part of CastleGLUtils unit: mipmaps utils.

EGLContextNotPossible CastleWindow


EGLSLAttributeNotFound CastleGLShaders


EGLSLError CastleGLShaders

Common class for exceptions related to GLSL programs.

EGLSLProgramLinkError CastleGLShaders


EGLSLShaderCompileError CastleGLShaders


EGLSLTransformFeedbackError CastleGLShaders


EGLSLUniformInvalid CastleGLShaders


EGLSLUniformNotFound CastleGLShaders


EGLSLUniformTypeMismatch CastleGLShaders


EImageAssignmentError CastleImages


EImageCannotConvertFpImage CastleImages


EImageClassNotSupportedForOpenGL CastleGLImages


EImageDrawError CastleImages


EImageFormatNotSupported CastleImages


EImageLerpDifferentSizes CastleImages


EImageLerpError CastleImages


EImageLerpInvalidClasses CastleImages


EImageLoadError CastleImages


EImagePosOutOfRange CastleImages

Raised by TCastleImage.MakeExtracted when coordinates on image are wrong.

EImageSaveError CastleImages

Raised by SaveImage when it's not possible to save image.

EInternalError CastleUtils

Internal error (bug) in the program.

EInvalidChar CastleStringUtils


EInvalidComponentFile CastleComponentSerialize


EInvalidCompositeImage CastleCompositeImage


EInvalidDDS CastleCompositeImage


EInvalidFadeFrames CastleVideos


EInvalidImageFormat CastleImages


EInvalidImageForOpenGLTexture CastleGLImages


EInvalidKTX CastleCompositeImage


EInvalidLongOption CastleParameters


EInvalidNurbs X3DFields


EInvalidParams CastleParameters


EInvalidPiecewiseBezierCount CastleNURBS


EInvalidSFCurveClassName CastleSpaceFillingCurves


EInvalidShortOption CastleParameters


EInvalidSoundBufferFree CastleSoundEngine


EInvalidSoundRepositoryXml CastleSoundEngine


ELinesParallel CastleVectors


EListsDifferentCount CastleUtils


EMissingAttribute CastleXMLConfig


EMissingOptionArgument CastleParameters


EMultipleReferencesInWorld CastleTransform


ENodeClassRegisterError X3DNodes


ENodesManagerError X3DNodes


ENoMoreSources CastleSoundBase


ENotAddedToWorld CastleTransform


ENotCoordinateBasedNode X3DNodes


EOpenGLError CastleGLUtils

OpenGL error.

EOpenGLNoMoreDisplayLists CastleGLUtils


EOpenGLOutOfMemoryError CastleGLUtils

GPU memory is not sufficient.

EPhysicsError CastleTransform


EPlanesParallel CastleVectors


EProtocolAlreadyRegistered CastleDownload


ERemoveFailed CastleFilesUtils


ESaveError CastleDownload


ESectorNotInitialized CastleSectors


EShortErrorMessage CastleUtils

Descend from this to mark exceptions that should be shown in more concise way by ExceptMessage function.

ESoundBufferNotLoaded CastleSoundEngine


ESoundFileError CastleSoundBase


EStreamNotImplemented CastleClassUtils


EStreamNotImplementedSeek CastleClassUtils


EStreamNotImplementedSetSize CastleClassUtils


EStreamNotImplementedWrite CastleClassUtils


ETextureLoadError CastleGLImages


ETransformedResultInvalid CastleUtils


ETransformParentUndefined CastleTransform


ETranslationEmptyId CastleLocalizationGetText


EUnableToLoadImage CastleImages


EUnknownPercentFormat CastleStringUtils


EVectorInvalidOp CastleUtils


EViewportNotAssigned CastleCameras


EWaypointNotInitialized CastleSectors


EWrongOptionArgument CastleParameters


EX3DError X3DFields

Any error related to VRML/X3D.

EX3DFieldAssign X3DFields


EX3DFieldAssignInvalidClass X3DFields


EX3DNotFound X3DFields

Raised by various X3D methods searching for X3D items (nodes, fields, events and such) when given item cannot be found.

EX3DPrototypeInstantiateError X3DNodes

Raised when there's a problem instantiating X3D prototype, see TX3DPrototypeNode.Instantiate.

ICastleTableViewDataSource CastleControls

Data source used in TCastleTableView.

T3DResource CastleResources

Resource used for rendering and processing of 3D objects.

T3DResourceAnimation CastleResources

Animation defined by T3DResource.

T3DResourceAnimationList CastleResources


T3DResourceList CastleResources


TAbstract3DBackgroundNode X3DNodes

Abstract type from which 3D backgrounds inherit.

TAbstractAppearanceChildNode X3DNodes

Base node type for the child nodes of TAbstractAppearanceNode.

TAbstractAppearanceNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all Appearance nodes.

TAbstractArrayInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Basis for all nodes interpolating (animating) an array of values.

TAbstractBackgroundNode X3DNodes

Abstract type from which all backgrounds inherit.

TAbstractBindableNode X3DNodes

Abstract base type for all bindable children nodes.

TAbstractCameraNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for all cameras in VRML 1.0.

TAbstractChaserNode X3DNodes


TAbstractChildNode X3DNodes

Abstract node type that indicates that the node may be used as a child of a grouping node, e.g.

TAbstractColorNode X3DNodes

Base node for color specifications.

TAbstractComposedGeometryNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all composed 3D geometry.

TAbstractCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all coordinate node types.

TAbstractCubicBezierArrayInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Basis for all nodes interpolating (animating) an array of values using cubic Bezier curve.

TAbstractCubicBezierInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2018 Michalis Kamburelis.

TAbstractDamperNode X3DNodes


TAbstractDirectionalLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all directional lights.

TAbstractDragSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all drag-style pointing device sensors.

TAbstractEnvironmentalSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all the environmental sensor nodes.

TAbstractEnvironmentTextureNode X3DNodes

Base type for cubic environment map textures.

TAbstractFollowerNode X3DNodes


TAbstractFontStyleNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all font style nodes.

TAbstractGeometricPropertyNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all geometric property node types.

TAbstractGeometryNode X3DNodes

Base node for a visible geometry in X3D.

TAbstractGeometryNode_1 X3DNodes

Geometry node allowed only in VRML <= 1.0.

TAbstractGroupingNode X3DNodes

Base node that may contain children nodes.

TAbstractIndexedNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for VRML 1.0 indexed nodes (IndexedFaceSet, IndexedTriangleMesh, IndexedLineSet).

TAbstractInfoNode X3DNodes

Base class for all nodes that contain only information without visual semantics.

TAbstractInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Basis for all nodes interpolating (animating) values.

TAbstractKeyDeviceSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all sensor node types that operate using key devices.

TAbstractLayerNode X3DNodes


TAbstractLayoutNode X3DNodes


TAbstractLevel CastleResources

Abstract level information, with information useful to spawn resources like creatures and items.

TAbstractLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all the light nodes.

TAbstractMaterialNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all Material nodes.

TAbstractMetadataNode X3DNodes

Basis for all metadata nodes.

TAbstractNBodyCollidableNode X3DNodes


TAbstractNBodyCollisionSpaceNode X3DNodes


TAbstractNetworkSensorNode X3DNodes

Basis for all sensors that generate events based on network activity.

TAbstractNode X3DNodes

Base X3D node that can have some metadata.

TAbstractNormalNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all normal node types.

TAbstractNurbsControlCurveNode X3DNodes

Base type for nodes that provide control curve information in 2D space.

TAbstractNurbsSurfaceGeometryNode X3DNodes

Abstract geometry type for all types of NURBS surfaces.

TAbstractOneSidedMaterialNode X3DNodes


TAbstractParametricGeometryNode X3DNodes

Base type for all geometry node types that are created parametrically and use control points to describe the final shape of the surface.

TAbstractParticleEmitterNode X3DNodes


TAbstractParticlePhysicsModelNode X3DNodes


TAbstractPickSensorNode X3DNodes


TAbstractPointingDeviceSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all pointing device sensors.

TAbstractPointLightNode X3DNodes

Point light source, that shines from a given point in all directions around, for all VRML and X3D versions.

TAbstractPositionalLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all positional lights.

TAbstractProductStructureChildNode X3DNodes

Abstract class for (most) nodes that are valid product structure children.

TAbstractPunctualLightNode X3DNodes

Base class for all "punctual" light nodes (that have a position and/or direction).

TAbstractRigidJointNode X3DNodes


TAbstractScriptNode X3DNodes

Abstract node type for all scripting nodes.

TAbstractSensorNode X3DNodes

Base abstract class for most (but not all) sensors.

TAbstractSeparatorNode_1 X3DNodes

Base class for VRML 1.0 nodes that push / pop all attributes and matrices.

TAbstractSequencerNode X3DNodes

Base node type from which all sequencers (like TIntegerSequencerNode and TBooleanSequencerNode) are derived.

TAbstractShaderNode X3DNodes

Base type for all node types that specify a programmable shader.

TAbstractShapeNode X3DNodes

Base node type for all Shape nodes.

TAbstractSingleInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Basis for all nodes interpolating (animating) a single value.

TAbstractSingleTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture coordinate, but not MultiTextureCoordinate.

TAbstractSingleTextureNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture, but not multi-texture.

TAbstractSingleTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture coordinate transform, but not MultiTextureTransform.

TAbstractSoundNode X3DNodes

Base for all sound nodes.

TAbstractSoundSourceNode X3DNodes

Base class for most (but not all) nodes that can emit audio data.

TAbstractTexture2DNode X3DNodes

VRML/X3D texture that is 2D and can be loaded (from file or some other stream).

TAbstractTexture3DNode X3DNodes

Base type for all node types that specify 3D sources for texture images.

TAbstractTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify texture coordinates.

TAbstractTextureNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a texture, possibly multi-texture.

TAbstractTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

Base for all nodes which specify a transformation of texture coordinates.

TAbstractTimeDependentNode X3DNodes

Abstract node from which most (but not all) time-dependent nodes are derived.

TAbstractTouchSensorNode X3DNodes

Base type for all touch-style pointing device sensors.

TAbstractTransformationNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for all VRML 1 nodes that modify the transformation.

TAbstractTriggerNode X3DNodes

Base type from which all trigger nodes are derived.

TAbstractVertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Base type for all node types that specify per-vertex attribute information to the shader.

TAbstractViewpointNode X3DNodes

Base type for viewpoints in X3D, which are locations from which the user may view the scene.

TAbstractViewportNode X3DNodes


TAbstractX3DGroupingNode X3DNodes

Base node that contains children nodes, in X3D and VRML 2.0.

TAbstractX3DTexture2DNode X3DNodes

X3D texture that is 2D and can be loaded (from file or some other stream).

TActivityRecognition CastleActivityRecognition

Activity recognition (detects user stationary, walking, running and so on) (TActivityRecognition).

TAds CastleAds

Advertisements in game.

TAliveWithInventory CastleItems

Alive 3D thing that has inventory (can keep items).

TAnalytics CastleAnalytics

Gathering analytics through Google Analytics and / or Game Analytics .

TAnchorNode X3DNodes

Load the URL when the user activates (clicks) some geometry contained within the Anchor node's children.

TAppearanceNode X3DNodes

Visual properties of geometry.

TArc2DNode X3DNodes

Circular arc in 2D.

TArcClose2DNode X3DNodes

Closed circular arc in 2D.

TAsciiTextNode_1 X3DNodes


TAudioClipNode X3DNodes

Buffer for sound data, which can be played by the TSoundNode.

TAvailableProduct CastleInAppPurchases

Information about product possible to be bought given to TInAppPurchases.SetAvailableProducts.

TBackgroundNode X3DNodes

3D background of a scene, comprised of sky and ground colors (gradients) and optional six textures (skybox).

TBackgroundStack CastleSceneCore


TBallJointNode X3DNodes


TBaseShadowVolumeRenderer CastleTransform

Shadow volumes helper, not depending on OpenGL.

TBaseTrianglesOctree X3DTriangles

Abstract class for octrees that can check and return collisions with TTriangle.

TBaseTrianglesOctreeNode X3DTriangles


TBillboardNode X3DNodes

Grouping node that transforms the coordinate system of its children so that they always turn towards the viewer.

TBlendModeNode X3DNodes

Customize blending (partial transparency) mode.

TBooleanFilterNode X3DNodes

Filters boolean events, allowing for selective routing of TRUE or FALSE values and negation.

TBooleanList CastleUtils


TBooleanSequencerNode X3DNodes

Generate sequential boolean events.

TBooleanToggleNode X3DNodes

Stores a boolean value for toggling on/off.

TBooleanTriggerNode X3DNodes

Trigger node that generates Boolean events upon receiving time events.

TBorder CastleVectors

Configurable border size for TCastleUserInterface.Border.

TBoundedPhysicsModelNode X3DNodes


TBox3D CastleBoxes

Axis-aligned box.

TBoxCollider CastleTransform

Collide as a box.

TBoxNode X3DNodes

Rectangular box.

TBufferedReadStream CastleClassUtils

Read another stream, sequentially, always being able to back one character, and buffering it.

TCADAssemblyNode X3DNodes

Holds a set of assemblies or parts grouped together.

TCADFaceNode X3DNodes

Holds the geometry representing a face of a part.

TCADLayerNode X3DNodes

Hierarchy of nodes used for showing layer structure for the CAD model.

TCADPartNode X3DNodes

Represents the location and faces that constitute a part in the CAD model.

TCameraVectors X3DNodes


TCapsuleCollider CastleTransform

Collide as a capsule.

TCardinalList CastleUtils


TCasScriptAbs CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptAdd CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptAnd CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcCos CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcCotan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcSin CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArcTan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayD CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayFun CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayGet CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArrayGetCount CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArraySet CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptArraySetCount CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptAssignment CastleScript

CastleScript assignment operator.

TCasScriptBool CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptBoolean CastleScript


TCasScriptBooleanArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptCatmullRomSpline CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptCeil CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCharacterFromCode CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCoalesce CastleScript


TCasScriptCos CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCosh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCotan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCotanh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptCurve CastleCurves

Curve defined by explicitly giving functions for Point(t) = x(t), y(t), z(t) as CastleScript expressions.

TCasScriptDivide CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptDoubleArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptEnvironment CastleScript

Various information that may be useful for implementing some function handlers, but that should be supplied from outside of CastleScript.

TCasScriptEqual CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptExp CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptExpression CastleScript


TCasScriptExpressionList CastleScript


TCasScriptFloat CastleScript


TCasScriptFloatFun CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptFloor CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptFor CastleScript


TCasScriptFunction CastleScript


TCasScriptFunctionHandlers CastleScript

This specifies for each type combination (array of TCasScriptValue classes) and for each function (TCasScriptFunction class) how they should be handled.

TCasScriptGrayscale CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptGreater CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptGreaterEq CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptHermiteSpline CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptHermiteTenseSpline CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptIf CastleScript


TCasScriptImage CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageComponents CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageFun CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageGet CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageGetAlpha CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageGetColor CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageHeight CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageLoad CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageSet CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageSetAlpha CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageSetColor CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptImageWidth CastleScriptImages


TCasScriptInt CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptInteger CastleScript


TCasScriptLerp CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLesser CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLesserEq CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLexer CastleScriptLexer


TCasScriptLn CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLog CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLog2 CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptLongIntArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrix CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix3d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix3dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrix3f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix3fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrix4d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix4dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrix4f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrix4fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptMatrixFun CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrixGet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrixGetCount CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMatrixSet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptMax CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptMin CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptModulo CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptMultiply CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptNegate CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptNot CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptNotEqual CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptOr CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptOrientationFromDirectionUp CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptOrientationToDirection CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptOrientationToUp CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptParameterValue CastleScript

This is a very special CastleScript value, used to represent user-defined function parameter.

TCasScriptPower CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptPower2 CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptProgram CastleScript


TCasScriptRandom CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptRegisteredHandler CastleScript


TCasScriptRotate CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptRound CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSearchArgumentClassesCache CastleScript


TCasScriptSequence CastleScript


TCasScriptSgn CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptShortcut CastleScriptCoreFunctions

CastleScript function shortcut, see [].

TCasScriptSin CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSingleArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptSinh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSlerp CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptSqr CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSqrt CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptString CastleScript


TCasScriptStringArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptStringFun CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptSubtract CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptTan CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptTanh CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptUserFunction CastleScript

CastleScript user function definition.

TCasScriptUserFunctionList CastleScript


TCasScriptValue CastleScript


TCasScriptValueList CastleScript


TCasScriptVec CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec2d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec2dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec2f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec2fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec3d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec3dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec3f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec3fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec4d CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec4dArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVec4f CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVec4fArray CastleScriptArrays


TCasScriptVector CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorCross CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorD CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorDot CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorGet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorGetCount CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorLength CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorSet CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptVectorSqrLength CastleScriptVectors


TCasScriptWhen CastleScript


TCasScriptWhile CastleScript


TCasScriptWriteln CastleScriptCoreFunctions


TCasScriptX3DValueList X3DCastleScript


TCastle2DControl CastleControl

Control to render 2D games with Castle Game Engine, with a default TCastle2DSceneManager instance already created for you.

TCastle2DNavigation CastleCameras

Navigation most suitable for 2D viewports (with orthographic projection and standard direction/up: -Z/+Y).

TCastleAbstractFont CastleFonts

Abstract class for a font that can be used to render text.

TCastleAbstractPrimitive CastleScene

Base class to express primitives that can be easily added and adjusted inside TCastleViewport.

TCastleAbstractRootTransform CastleTransform

Root of transformations and scenes (tree of TCastleTransform and TCastleScene).

TCastleAbstractSlider CastleControls

An abstract slider user interface.

TCastleAlive CastleTransformExtra

Transform representing an alive thing.

TCastleAliveBehavior CastleBehaviors

Behavior that tracks life points, and determines being alive/dead for game purposes.

TCastleApplication CastleWindow

Application, managing all open TCastleWindowBase (OpenGL windows).

TCastleApplicationProperties CastleApplicationProperties

Events and properties of the Castle Game Engine application, usually accessed through the ApplicationProperties singleton.

TCastleBehavior CastleTransform

Behaviors can be attached to TCastleTransform to perform specific logic, for example implement creature movement.

TCastleBillboard CastleBehaviors

Behavior to make parent TCastleTransform a billboard, that always rotates to face the current camera.

TCastleBitmapFont CastleFonts

Bitmap font, where each character is just drawn (and may be multi-color) on a raster image.

TCastleBox CastleScene

Box with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleButton CastleControls

Clickable button.

TCastleCamera CastleCameras

Camera determines viewer position and orientation in a 3D or 2D world.

TCastleCheckbox CastleControls

Checkbox with a caption.

TCastleClipboard CastleControls

Clipboard to cut / copy / paste the text.

TCastleColorPersistent CastleColors

TCastleColor record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleColorRGBPersistent CastleColors

TCastleColorRGB record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleComponent CastleClassUtils

Component with various CGE extensions: can be a parent of other non-visual components (to display them in CGE editor and serialize them to files), can be translated.

TCastleCone CastleScene

Cone with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleConfig CastleXMLConfig

Store configuration in XML format.

TCastleConfigEventList CastleXMLConfig


TCastleConfigKeysMouseHelper CastleKeysMouse


TCastleConfigScriptHelper CastleScriptXML

Class helper to read CastleScript expressions from XML config files.

TCastleContainer CastleUIControls

Abstract user interface container.

TCastleControl CastleControl

Control to render everything (3D or 2D) with Castle Game Engine, with a default TCastleSceneManager instance already created for you.

TCastleControlBase CastleControl

Control to render everything (3D or 2D) with Castle Game Engine.

TCastleCrosshair CastleControls

Display a simple crosshair in the middle of the parent control.

TCastleCylinder CastleScene

Cylinder with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleDesign CastleControls

Contents of this user-interface control are loaded from an indicated file (by the URL property).

TCastleDownload CastleDownload

Download an URL asynchronously, without blocking the application.

TCastleEdit CastleControls

Edit box to input a single line of text.

TCastleExamineNavigation CastleCameras

Navigate the 3D model in examine mode, like you would hold a box with the model inside.

TCastleFlashEffect CastleFlashEffect

Fade out, flash, and similar screen effects done by blending screen with given color.

TCastleFloatEdit CastleControls

Descendant of TCastleEdit specialized for editing floating-point numbers.

TCastleFloatSlider CastleControls

Slider to change a float value within a given range.

TCastleFont CastleFonts

Font loaded from a font file, like ttf or otf.

TCastleFontFamily CastleFonts

Font family, with possible different subfonts for Regular, Bold, Italic, BoldItalic variants.

TCastleFrameProfiler CastleTimeUtils

Profiler gathering statistics about each game frame.

TCastleHorizontalGroup CastleControls

Container that packs the children horizontally.

TCastleImage CastleImages

An abstract class representing image as a simple array of pixels.

TCastleImageControl CastleControls

Image control.

TCastleImagePersistent CastleGLImages

Image that can be easily loaded from URL (possibly reusing a cache), drawn, and serialized to/from file.

TCastleIntegerEdit CastleControls

Descendant of TCastleEdit specialized for editing integer numbers.

TCastleIntegerSlider CastleControls

Slider to change an integer value within a given range.

TCastleLabel CastleControls

Label with possibly multiline text, in an optional box.

TCastleLinearMoving CastleTransformExtra

Transform moving with constant speed between 2 points.

TCastleMenuButton CastleOnScreenMenu


TCastleMenuToggle CastleOnScreenMenu

Button that looks nice as an "accessory" that can be toggled (shows "yes" / "no" depending on TCastleButton.Pressed), attached to the TCastleOnScreenMenu item.

TCastleMOFile CastleLocalizationGetText

TMOFile descendant that allows iterating through all strings.

TCastleMouseLookNavigation CastleCameras

Abstract navigation class that can utilize mouse look, during which mouse cursor is hidden and we look at MouseLookDelta every frame.

TCastleMoving CastleTransformExtra

Transformation moving and potentially pushing other objects.

TCastleNavigation CastleCameras

Handle user input to modify viewport's camera.

TCastleNotifications CastleNotifications

Notifications displayed on the screen.

TCastleObjectList CastleClassUtils

Extended TObjectList for Castle Game Engine.

TCastleObjectQueue CastleClassUtils

Extended TObjectQueue for Castle Game Engine.

TCastleObjectStack CastleClassUtils

Extended TObjectStack for Castle Game Engine.

TCastleOnScreenMenu CastleOnScreenMenu

On-screen menu, with all menu items displayed on the screen, one under another.

TCastleOnScreenMenuItem CastleOnScreenMenu

Clickable menu item of TCastleOnScreenMenu.

TCastleOnScreenMenuItemToggle CastleOnScreenMenu

Menu item of TCastleOnScreenMenuItem that can be toggled.

TCastleOpen3DDialog CastleDialogs

Dialog to open scene (select a file that can be loaded using TCastleScene.Load).

TCastleOpenDialog CastleDialogs

General open dialog that uses URL.

TCastleOpenImageDialog CastleDialogs

Image open dialog.

TCastleOpenPascalUnitDialog CastleDialogs


TCastleOrthographic CastleCameras

Subcomponent used in TCastleCamera.Orthographic to set orthographic projection parameters.

TCastlePackedGroup CastleControls

Abstract ancestor for containers that pack children, like TCastleHorizontalGroup and TCastleVerticalGroup.

TCastlePanel CastleControls

Panel or a toolbar control.

TCastlePerspective CastleCameras

Subcomponent used in TCastleCamera.Perspective to set perspective projection parameters.

TCastlePlane CastleScene

Plane with configurable size, position and material.

TCastlePlayingSound CastleSoundEngine

Controls a sound playback.

TCastlePlayingSoundSource CastleBehaviors

Controls a sound playback initiated by TCastleSoundSource.Play.

TCastleProfiler CastleTimeUtils

Profiler, to measure the speed of execution of your code.

TCastleProfilerTime CastleTimeUtils

Structure obtained by calling TCastleProfiler.Start.

TCastleProgressBar CastleControls

Progress bar user interface.

TCastleRandom CastleRandom

Custom, fast random number generator.

TCastleRecentFiles CastleLCLRecentFiles

Manage a list of recently opened files, and show a menu in Lazarus.

TCastleRectangleControl CastleControls

Fill a rectangle on screen with given color or theme image.

TCastleRenderOptions CastleRenderOptions

Options that control rendering, available at every scene through TCastleScene.RenderOptions.

TCastleRootTransform CastleScene

Root of transformations and scenes (tree of TCastleTransform and TCastleScene).

TCastleSaveDialog CastleDialogs

General save dialog that uses URL.

TCastleSaveImageDialog CastleDialogs

Image save dialog.

TCastleScene CastleScene

Complete loading, processing and rendering of a scene.

TCastleSceneCore CastleSceneCore

Loading and processing of a scene.

TCastleSceneCore.TVisibilitySensors CastleSceneCore


TCastleSceneList CastleScene


TCastleSceneManager CastleViewport

Deprecated way to manage transformatiosn and scenes.

TCastleScreenEffects CastleScreenEffects

Control that applies shader screen effects (post-processing) on the rendering done by children and (when this class is used as an ancestor) it's descendants.

TCastleScrollView CastleControls

Container for a user interface children that can be scrolled vertically.

TCastleScrollViewCustom CastleControls

Abstract user interface with a scrollbar.

TCastleScrollViewManual CastleControls

Control with a scrollbar.

TCastleShape CastleControls

Draw a simple shape (rectangle, circle) with given color and optional outline.

TCastleSimpleBackground CastleControls

Fill the whole window with a simple color.

TCastleSocket CastleClientServer


TCastleSound CastleSoundEngine

Sound that can be loaded from URL (possibly reusing a cache, possibly using streaming) and played.

TCastleSoundSource CastleBehaviors

Behavior to play spatial sounds, that automatically follow the parent TCastleTransform transformation.

TCastleSphere CastleScene

Sphere with configurable size, position and material.

TCastleStringList CastleStringUtils

List of strings.

TCastleSwitchControl CastleControls

Touch-friendly checkbox control with representing on/off state.

TCastleTableView CastleControls

TableView control to show lists in GUI.

TCastleTableViewCell CastleControls

Cell inside TCastleTableView.

TCastleTCPClient CastleClientServer


TCastleTCPClientThread CastleClientServer


TCastleTCPServer CastleClientServer


TCastleTenjin CastleTenjin

Tenjin ( ) integration.

TCastleText CastleScene

Text that is displayed and transformed as TCastleTransform, inside TCastleViewport, and can be manipulated in 3D.

TCastleTheme CastleUIControls

Theme for user interface controls.

TCastleThirdPersonNavigation CastleThirdPersonNavigation

3rd-person camera navigation.

TCastleTiledMapControl CastleTiledMap

Display a map created in Tiled (

TCastleTimer CastleControls

Timer, running the OnTimer event periodically.

TCastleTouchControl CastleControls

Touch user interface to navigate in a 3D world.

TCastleTouchNavigation CastleViewport

Show draggable controls in the corner, to navigate in the viewport comfortably on touch devices.

TCastleTransform CastleTransform

Group and transform (move, rotate, scale) children objects.

TCastleTransformDesign CastleTransformExtra

Contents of this transformation are loaded from an indicated file (by the URL property).

TCastleTransformList CastleTransform

List of TCastleTransform instances.

TCastleUserInterface CastleUIControls

Basic user-interface class.

TCastleUserInterfaceFont CastleControls

Base class for all user interface controls using a font.

TCastleUserInterfaceList CastleUIControls

Simple list of TCastleUserInterface instances.

TCastleVector2Persistent CastleVectors

TVector2 record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleVector3Persistent CastleVectors

TVector3 record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleVector4Persistent CastleVectors

TVector4 record represented as a TPersistent descendant, to be able to visually edit it (in Lazarus and Delphi visual designer, and Castle Game Engine visual designer) and to serialize it.

TCastleVerticalGroup CastleControls

Container that packs the children vertically.

TCastleViewport CastleViewport

Viewport displays a tree of scenes and transformations (TCastleTransform and TCastleScene).

TCastleViewportList CastleViewport


TCastleWalkNavigation CastleCameras

Navigation by walking or flying (classic first-person shooter navigation) in a 3D scene.

TCastleWindow CastleWindow

Window to render everything (3D or 2D) with Castle Game Engine, with a default TCastleSceneManager instance already created for you.

TCastleWindowBase CastleWindow

Window to render everything (3D or 2D) with Castle Game Engine.

TChildrenControls CastleUIControls

List of UI controls, with a parent control and container.

TCircle2DNode X3DNodes

Circle in 2D.

TClassicRayTracer CastleRayTracer

Classic Whitted-style ray-tracer.

TClientConnection CastleClientServer


TClipPlane X3DNodes

Clipping plane, along with a transformation.

TClipPlaneList X3DNodes


TClipPlaneNode X3DNodes

Clip the geometry with a plane.

TCodeBreaker CastleUtils

Special class to raise an exception that is always catched.

TCollidableOffsetNode X3DNodes


TCollidableShapeNode X3DNodes


TCollider CastleTransform

Shape used for collision detection of a rigid body TRigidBody.

TCollisionCollectionNode X3DNodes


TCollisionDetails CastleTransform

Represents a collision with a 3D objects tree.

TCollisionDetailsItem CastleTransform

Detailed information about collision with a single 3D object.

TCollisionNode X3DNodes

Grouping node that specifies the collision detection properties for its children.

TCollisionSensorNode X3DNodes


TCollisionSpaceNode X3DNodes


TColorDamperNode X3DNodes


TColorInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a single color.

TColorNode X3DNodes

Set of RGB colours.

TColorRGBANode X3DNodes

Set of RGBA colours.

TColorSetInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of colors, for example to animate a set of TBackgroundNode or TColorNode colors.

TCommonSurfaceShaderNode X3DNodes

Advanced material that can be heavily configured using textures (specular maps, normal maps and much more).

TComponentHelper CastleComponentSerialize


TComposedCubeMapTextureNode X3DNodes

Cube environment map texture defined as a six individual 2D texture nodes.

TComposedShaderNode X3DNodes

OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) shader container, which should be composed from multiple TShaderPartNode instances.

TComposedTexture3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture defined as a collection of 2D texture sources at various depths.

TCompositeImage CastleCompositeImage

Composite image file (like KTX or DDS).

TConeEmitterNode X3DNodes


TConeNode X3DNodes


TConeNode_1 X3DNodes


TContactNode X3DNodes


TContour2DNode X3DNodes

Groups a set of curve segments for a composite contour, for X3D.

TContour2DNode_2 X3DNodes

2D curve composed from NURBS curves and straight segments, for VRML 2.0.

TContourPolyline2DNode X3DNodes

Piecewise linear curve segment as a part of a trimming contour in the u, v domain of a surface.

TControl2DSceneManager CastleControl

Same as TCastle2DSceneManager, redefined only to work as a sub-component of TCastleControl, otherwise Lazarus fails to update the uses clause correctly and you cannot edit the events of CastleControl1.SceneManager subcomponent.

TControlGameSceneManager CastleControl

Same as TGameSceneManager, redefined only to work as a sub-component of TCastleControl, otherwise Lazarus fails to update the uses clause correctly and you cannot edit the events of CastleControl1.SceneManager subcomponent.

TControlPointsCurve CastleCurves

A basic abstract class for curves determined my some set of ControlPoints.

TConverterNode X3DNodes


TCoordinate3Node_1 X3DNodes


TCoordinateDamperNode X3DNodes


TCoordinateDeformerNode X3DNodes

Free form deformation on a set of 3D coordinates by using a NURBS volume.

TCoordinateDoubleNode X3DNodes

3D coordinates defines using double precision floating point values.

TCoordinateInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 2D positions, for example to animate 2D texture coordinates.

TCoordinateInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D positions, for example to animate coordinates of a mesh.

TCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Set of 3D coordinates to be used in the Coord field of vertex-based geometry nodes.

TCreature CastleCreatures

Base creature, using any TCreatureResource.

TCreatureList CastleCreatures


TCreatureResource CastleCreatures

Basic abstract resource used by all creatures.

TCubeMapInfo CastleCubeMaps


TCubeNode_1 X3DNodes


TCubicBezier2DOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 2D rotations, using cubic Bezier curve instead of linear interpolation.

TCubicBezierCoordinateInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D vertices, using cubic Bezier curve instead of linear interpolation.

TCubicBezierPositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D positions, using cubic Bezier curve instead of linear interpolation.

TCurve CastleCurves

3D curve, a set of points defined by a continuous function Point for arguments within [TBegin, TEnd].

TCurveList CastleCurves


TCustomizedFont CastleFonts

Font that uses another TCastleAbstractFont for rendering and sizing, but modifies the underlying font size.

TCylinderNode X3DNodes


TCylinderNode_1 X3DNodes


TCylinderSensorNode X3DNodes

Pointing device sensor to rotate objects around a constrained axis.

TDataURI CastleDataURI

Reading data URI scheme, see

TDebugArrow CastleDebugTransform

3D arrow, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugAxis CastleDebugTransform

3D axis, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugBox CastleDebugTransform

3D box, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugSphere CastleDebugTransform

3D sphere, as an X3D node, to easily visualize debug things.

TDebugTransform CastleDebugTransform

Like TDebugTransformBox, but visualizes also additional properties.

TDebugTransformBox CastleDebugTransform

Visualization of a bounding volume of a TCastleTransform instance.

TDirectionalLightNode X3DNodes

Light source that shines along a given direction, like a sun.

TDirectionalLightNode_1 X3DNodes


TDISEntityManagerNode X3DNodes


TDISEntityTypeMappingNode X3DNodes


TDisk2DNode X3DNodes

Disc (filled circle) in 2D.

TDisplacerNode X3DNodes


TDOMCharacterDataHelper CastleXMLUtils


TDOMElementHelper CastleXMLUtils


TDOMElementScriptHelper CastleScriptXML

Class helper to read CastleScript expressions from DOM (XML files).

TDOMNodeHelper CastleXMLUtils


TDoubleAxisHingeJointNode X3DNodes


TDoubleList CastleUtils


TDrawableImage CastleGLImages

Image that can be drawn.

TDynLib CastleDynLib

Load functions from dynamic libraries.

TEaseInEaseOutNode X3DNodes

Support controlled gradual transitions by modifying TimeSensor node fractions.

TEffectNode X3DNodes

Shader effect, that can be composed with other effect or standard rendering.

TEffectPartNode X3DNodes

Part of a shader effect, used with TEffectNode.

TElevationGridNode X3DNodes

Uniform rectangular grid of varying height above the Y=0 plane, aka "height map".

TEncodedImage CastleImages

Abstract class for an image with unspecified, possibly compressed, memory format.

TEnvironmentLightNode X3DNodes


TEspduTransformNode X3DNodes


TExplosionEmitterNode X3DNodes


TExtrusionNode X3DNodes

2D cross-section shape extruded along a 3D spine.

TFacebook CastleFacebook

Facebook SDK integration.

TFaceIndex CastleTriangles

Describe a range of indexes where the face (polygon and such) is located.

TFileFilter CastleFileFilters


TFileFilterList CastleFileFilters


TFileInfo CastleFindFiles


TFillPropertiesNode X3DNodes

Additional visual properties to be applied to all polygonal areas.

TFloatList CastleUtils


TFloatRectangle CastleRectangles

2D rectangle with float coordinates.

TFloatVertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Per-vertex single-precision floating point attributes, available to shaders.

TFogCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Provide explicit fog depths on a per-vertex basis.

TFogFunctionality X3DNodes

Functionality of node that describes a fog (blend objects with a fog color).

TFogNode X3DNodes

Simulate atmospheric fog effects (for the whole scene) by blending with the fog colour, based on the distance from the viewer.

TFogStack CastleSceneCore


TFontStyleNode X3DNodes

Defines the size, family, style and other properties used for TTextNode.

TFontStyleNode_1 X3DNodes


TForcePhysicsModelNode X3DNodes


TFramesPerSecond CastleTimeUtils

Utility to measure frames per second, independent of actual rendering API.

TFreeNotificationObserver CastleClassUtils

Observe when something is freed, and call an event then.

TFrustum CastleFrustum

Viewing frustum, defined as 6 plane equations.

TFrustumRaysWindow CastleRays


TGameService CastleGameService

Integration with a game service, that can be used to show achievements, leaderboards, and store save games "in the cloud".

TGeneratedCubeMapTextureNode X3DNodes

Cube environment map texture generated by rendering the 3D world, useful for real-time mirrors.

TGeneratedShadowMapNode X3DNodes

Generate texture by rendering a depth (shadow) map.

TGeneratedTextureHandler X3DNodes

Common interface for all VRML/X3D generated texture nodes.

TGenericGLVersion CastleGLVersion

OpenGL(ES) library version information.

TGenericMatrix2 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

2x2 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix2 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

2x2 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix3 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

3x3 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix3 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

3x3 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix4 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

4x4 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericMatrix4 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

4x4 matrix of floating-point values.

TGenericVector2 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

Vector of 2 floating-point values.

TGenericVector2 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

Vector of 2 floating-point values.

TGenericVector3 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

Vector of 3 floating-point values.

TGenericVector3 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

Vector of 3 floating-point values.

TGenericVector4 CastleVectorsInternalDouble

Vector of 4 floating-point values.

TGenericVector4 CastleVectorsInternalSingle

Vector of 4 floating-point values.

TGeoCoordinateNode X3DNodes


TGeoElevationGridNode X3DNodes

Elevation grid expressed in geo-centric coordinates.

TGeoLocationNode X3DNodes


TGeoLODNode X3DNodes


TGeoMetadataNode X3DNodes


TGeoOriginNode X3DNodes


TGeoPositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes


TGeoProximitySensorNode X3DNodes


TGeoTouchSensorNode X3DNodes


TGeoTransformNode X3DNodes


TGeoViewpointNode X3DNodes


TGiftiz CastleGiftiz

Giftiz ( integration.

TGiftizButton CastleGiftiz


TGLContextEventList CastleApplicationProperties


TGLFeatures CastleGLUtils

OpenGL(ES) features, analyzed based on extensions and version.

TGLMemoryInfo CastleGLUtils

OpenGL memory information.

TGLRenderToTexture CastleGLImages

Rendering to texture with OpenGL.

TGLSLAttribute CastleGLShaders


TGLSLProgram CastleGLShaders

Easily handle program in GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language).

TGLSLScreenEffect CastleScreenEffects

GLSL shader program specialized for rendering screen effects.

TGLSLUniform CastleGLShaders


TGLVersion CastleGLVersion


TGLVideo CastleGLImages

Video as a sequence of OpenGL textures that can be easily played.

TGLVideo2D CastleGLImages

Video expressed as a series of TDrawableImage, to play as 2D GUI control.

TGLVideo3D CastleGLImages

Video expressed as a series of textures, to play as texture on any 3D object.

TGPUCompressedImage CastleImages

Image compressed using one of the GPU texture compression algorithms.

TGrayscaleAlphaImage CastleImages

Grayscale image with an alpha channel.

TGrayscaleImage CastleImages

Grayscale image.

TGroupNode X3DNodes

Contains children nodes without introducing a new transformation.

TGroupNode_1 X3DNodes


THAnimDisplacerNode X3DNodes

Alter the shape of coordinate-based geometry within parent H-Anim nodes.

THAnimHumanoidNode X3DNodes

Central node for moving the animated humanoid.

THAnimJointNode X3DNodes

Joint of an animated humanoid.

THAnimSegmentNode X3DNodes

Visible segment of an animated humanoid, always a child of a TJointNode.

THAnimSiteNode X3DNodes

An attachment point of an animated humanoid, to attach something that held, worm or such by a humanoid.

THelpshift CastleHelpshift

Helpshift ( integration.

THilbertCurve CastleSpaceFillingCurves

Space-filling Hilbert curve.

THumanoidNode X3DNodes


TImageBackgroundNode X3DNodes

Display a 2D image as a background.

TImageCubeMapTextureNode X3DNodes

Cube environment map texture loaded from a single file, like DDS.

TImageTexture3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture loaded from a single file like DDS.

TImageTextureNode X3DNodes

Texture image loaded from a file.

TInAppProduct CastleInAppPurchases

A product that can be bought by in-app purchases (TInAppPurchases).

TInAppPurchases CastleInAppPurchases

Manage in-app purchases in your game.

TIndexedFaceSetNode X3DNodes

Mesh with faces (polygons) constructed from vertices.

TIndexedFaceSetNode_1 X3DNodes


TIndexedFacesOrTrianglesNode_1 X3DNodes

Common base class for VRML 1.0 indexed polygon nodes (IndexedFaceSet and IndexedTriangleMesh).

TIndexedLineSetNode X3DNodes

Geometry formed by constructing polylines from 3D vertices.

TIndexedLineSetNode_1 X3DNodes


TIndexedQuadSetNode X3DNodes


TIndexedTriangleFanSetNode X3DNodes

Triangles that form a fan shape around the first vertex.

TIndexedTriangleMeshNode_1 X3DNodes

IndexedTriangleMesh (from Inventor 1.0).

TIndexedTriangleSetNode X3DNodes

A collection of triangles.

TIndexedTriangleStripSetNode X3DNodes

Strips of triangles.

TInfoNode_1 X3DNodes


TInlineLoadControlNode X3DNodes

Embed another X3D scene into the current scene, with additional output event when they are loaded (VRML 97 version).

TInlineNode X3DNodes

Embed another X3D scene into the current scene.

TInputMotion CastleKeysMouse

Motion (movement) of mouse or a finger on a touch device.

TInputPressRelease CastleKeysMouse

Input press or release event.

TInputShortcut CastleInputs

A keyboard and/or mouse shortcut for activating some action.

TInputShortcutList CastleInputs

Group of TInputShortcut, to easily manage (search, load, save...) the inputs.

TIntegerList CastleUtils


TIntegerSequencerNode X3DNodes

Generate sequential integer events.

TIntegerTriggerNode X3DNodes

Generate an integer upon receiving any boolean value.

TInternalSoundSourceList CastleSoundEngine


TInventory CastleItems

List of items, with a 3D object (like a player or creature) owning these items.

TInventoryItem CastleItems

An item that can be used, kept in the inventory, or (using PutOnWorld that wraps it in TItemOnWorld) dropped on 3D world.

TItemOnWorld CastleItems

Item that is placed on a 3D world, ready to be picked up.

TItemResource CastleItems

Basic resource of an item that can be picked up, used and such.

TItemWeapon CastleItems


TItemWeaponResource CastleItems

Weapon that can make an immiediate attack (short-range/shoot) or fire a missile.

TJointNode X3DNodes


TJoyInfo CastleJoysticks

Joystick information.

TJoyState CastleJoysticks

Joystick state.

TJoystick CastleJoysticks

Properties of a given joystick, use by accessing Joysticks[Index].

TJoysticks CastleJoysticks

TJoysticks is a class for joysticks and gamepads management

TKambiAppearanceNode X3DNodes

Appearance node with a special name KambiAppearance.

TKambiHeadLightNode X3DNodes

Headlight configuration, allows to customize headlight look and shape.

TKambiInlineNode X3DNodes

Embed a scene from another file, and replace some of it's nodes.

TKambiNavigationInfoNode X3DNodes

Navigation information with some Castle Game Engine extensions.

TKambiOctreePropertiesNode X3DNodes


TKeySensorNode X3DNodes

Generate events when user key presses or releases keys on the keyboard.

TKeysPressed CastleKeysMouse

Tracking the "pressed" state of keys.

TLayerNode X3DNodes


TLayerSetNode X3DNodes


TLayoutGroupNode X3DNodes


TLayoutLayerNode X3DNodes


TLayoutNode X3DNodes


TLCLKeyPressHandler CastleLCLUtils

Convert LCL OnKeyDown and OnUTF8KeyPress into a single CGE event OnPress.

TLevel CastleLevels

Manage (load and unload) game level.

TLevelInfo CastleLevels


TLevelInfoList CastleLevels


TLevelLogic CastleLevels

Level logic.

TLevelLogicClasses CastleLevels


TLightInstance X3DNodes

Light source instance in the scene.

TLightInstancesList X3DNodes


TLinePickSensorNode X3DNodes


TLinePropertiesNode X3DNodes

Additional visible properties to be applied to all line geometry.

TLineSetNode X3DNodes


TLineStipple CastleGLUtils


TLoadSensorNode X3DNodes

Monitors the progress and success of downloading URL elements over a network.

TLocalFogNode X3DNodes

Simulate atmospheric fog effects (for a part of the scene) by blending with the fog colour, based on the distance from the viewer.

TLODNode X3DNodes

Provides various levels of detail for a given object, only one of which will be visible at a given time.

TLODNode_1 X3DNodes


TLogEventList CastleApplicationProperties


TLoggerNode X3DNodes

X3D events logging.

TLongIntList CastleUtils


TLongWordList CastleUtils


TLoopingChannel CastleSoundEngine

Looping sound management, to easily play music or other looping sounds.

TMaterialBindingNode_1 X3DNodes


TMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Abstract class for material information, that define material properties for various lighting equations.

TMaterialNode X3DNodes

Material determines how the geometry looks on the screen, by providing parameters to the lighting equations.

TMaterialNode_1 X3DNodes


TMaterialProperties CastleMaterialProperties

Store information that is naturally associated with a given material or texture in an external file.

TMaterialProperty CastleMaterialProperties

Information for a particular material.

TMatrix3DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TMatrix3Double.

TMatrix3List CastleVectors

List of TMatrix3.

TMatrix3VertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Per-vertex 3x3 matrix attributes, available to shaders.

TMatrix4DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TMatrix4Double.

TMatrix4List CastleVectors

List of TMatrix4.

TMatrix4VertexAttributeNode X3DNodes

Per-vertex 4x4 matrix attributes, available to shaders.

TMatrixTransformNode X3DNodes

Transform children by an explicit 4x4 matrix.

TMatrixTransformNode_1 X3DNodes

VRML 1.0 MatrixTransform node.

TMenu CastleWindow

TMenuEntry that contains a list of menu entries.

TMenuEntry CastleWindow

A basic class representing basic menu building block.

TMenuEntryWithCaption CastleWindow


TMenuItem CastleWindow

TMenuEntry that is a simple, clickable menu item.

TMenuItemChecked CastleWindow

TMenuItem that should visualize Checked state somehow to the user.

TMenuItemRadio CastleWindow

Menu radio item.

TMenuItemRadioGroup CastleWindow

A group of radio buttons.

TMenuItemToggleFullScreen CastleWindow

Menu item that toggles TCastleWindowBase.FullScreen.

TMenuSeparator CastleWindow

TMenuEntry that acts as a visual separator (horizontal line or something like that) between menu items.

TMenuVolumeSlider CastleSoundMenu

Float slider suitable for volume setting.

TMeshCollider CastleSceneCore

Collide as a mesh, constructed from the given scene shapes.

TMessageClientRecord CastleClientServer


TMessageReceivedEventList CastleMessaging

Used by TMessaging to manage a list of listeners.

TMessaging CastleMessaging

Message system to communicate between native code (Pascal) and other languages (Java on Android, Objective-C on iOS) that possibly run in other thread.

TMetadataBooleanNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a boolean type.

TMetadataDoubleNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a double-precision floating point number type.

TMetadataFloatNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a single-precision floating point number type.

TMetadataIntegerNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with an integer type.

TMetadataSetNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) set, to reference of collection of other metadata nodes.

TMetadataStringNode X3DNodes

A metadata (extra, custom information at a node) with a string type.

TMFBool X3DFields


TMFBoolEvent X3DFields


TMFColor X3DFields


TMFColorEvent X3DFields


TMFColorRGBA X3DFields


TMFColorRGBAEvent X3DFields


TMFDouble X3DFields


TMFDoubleEvent X3DFields


TMFFloat X3DFields


TMFFloatEvent X3DFields


TMFInt32 X3DFields


TMFInt32Event X3DFields


TMFLong X3DFields


TMFLongEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix3d X3DFields


TMFMatrix3dEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix3f X3DFields


TMFMatrix3fEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix4d X3DFields


TMFMatrix4dEvent X3DFields


TMFMatrix4f X3DFields


TMFMatrix4fEvent X3DFields


TMFNode X3DNodes

VRML/X3D field holding a list of nodes.

TMFNodeEvent X3DFields


TMFRotation X3DFields


TMFRotationEvent X3DFields


TMFString X3DFields


TMFStringEvent X3DFields


TMFTime X3DFields


TMFTimeEvent X3DFields


TMFVec2d X3DFields


TMFVec2dEvent X3DFields


TMFVec2f X3DFields


TMFVec2fEvent X3DFields


TMFVec3d X3DFields


TMFVec3dEvent X3DFields


TMFVec3f X3DFields


TMFVec3fEvent X3DFields


TMFVec4d X3DFields


TMFVec4dEvent X3DFields


TMFVec4f X3DFields


TMFVec4fEvent X3DFields


TMissileCreature CastleCreatures

Creature using TMissileCreatureResource.

TMissileCreatureResource CastleCreatures

Creature that blindly moves in a given direction.

TMotorJointNode X3DNodes


TMovieTextureNode X3DNodes

Movie file, that can be played and displayed as a texture.

TMultiGeneratedTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Generated texture coordinates for multi-texturing.

TMultiTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Multiple texture coordinates per vertex, to be used with multi-texturing by TMultiTextureNode.

TMultiTextureNode X3DNodes

Application of several individual textures on top of each other, used instead of a single texture when desired.

TMultiTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

Multiple texture transforms, to be used with multi-texturing by TMultiTextureNode.

TMusicVolumeMenuItem CastleSoundMenu

On-screen menu item that allows to control music volume.

TNavigationInfoNode X3DNodes

Describe the physical characteristics of the viewer's avatar and navigation.

TNavigationInfoStack CastleSceneCore


TNodeDestructionNotificationList X3DNodes


TNodeFunctionality X3DNodes

Simple component system inside TX3DNode.

TNodesManager X3DNodes

Manages X3D non-abstract node classes, that can be used in X3D files.

TNoParameterlessContructor CastleUtils

Descend from this to hide a parameterless constructor.

TNormalBindingNode_1 X3DNodes


TNormalInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of 3D directions, for example normal vectors.

TNormalNode X3DNodes

Normal (information for lighting) node.

TNotifyEventList CastleClassUtils


TNurbsBasisCalculator CastleNURBS

Calculate NURBS basis functions.

TNurbsCurve2DNode X3DNodes

Trimming segment that is expressed a NURBS curve and is part of a trimming contour in the u,v domain of the surface.

TNurbsCurveCalculator CastleNURBS

Calculate point on a NURBS curve.

TNurbsCurveNode X3DNodes

Visible NURBS curve in 3D.

TNurbsCurveNode_2 X3DNodes

Visible NURBS curve in 3D, in VRML 2.0.

TNurbsGroupNode X3DNodes

Groups a set of NURBS surface nodes to a common group for rendering purposes, to ensure a common tesselation within the group, for VRML 2.0.

TNurbsOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) orientations as tangent vectors of the 3D NURBS curve.

TNurbsPatchSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Visible NURBS 3D surface.

TNurbsPositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) positions along the 3D NURBS curve.

TNurbsPositionInterpolatorNode_2 X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) positions along the 3D NURBS curve.

TNurbsSetNode X3DNodes

Groups a set of NURBS surface nodes to a common group for rendering purposes, to ensure a common tesselation within the group.

TNurbsSurfaceCalculator CastleNURBS

Calculate point on a NURBS surface.

TNurbsSurfaceInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) by sampling a position and normal at 3D NURBS surface from an input 2D surface parameters.

TNurbsSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Visible NURBS 3D surface, for VRML 2.0.

TNurbsSweptSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Path in 2D space (that can be constructed from NURBS curves, or straight segments) extruded along a 3D NURBS curve.

TNurbsSwungSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Path in 2D space (that can be constructed from NURBS curves, or straight segments) extruded along a 2D NURBS curve.

TNurbsTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

NURBS surface existing in the parametric domain of its surface host specifying the mapping of the texture onto the surface.

TNurbsTextureSurfaceNode X3DNodes

NURBS surface existing in the parametric domain of its surface host specifying the mapping of the texture onto the surface, for VRML 2.0.

TNurbsTrimmedSurfaceNode X3DNodes

Visible 3D NURBS surface (like a TNurbsPatchSurfaceNode) that is trimmed by a set of trimming loops.

TOctreeIgnoreForShadowRaysAndOneItem X3DTriangles

Simple utility class to easily ignore all transparent, non-shadow-casting triangles, and, additionally, one chosen triangle.

TOption CastleParameters

Command-line option specification, for TParameters.Parse.

TOrientationChaserNode X3DNodes


TOrientationDamperNode X3DNodes


TOrientationInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a 2D orientation, during which angle changes but axis remains constant.

TOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) an orientation, for example to animate TTransformNode.Rotation.

TOrthographicCameraNode_1 X3DNodes


TOrthographicRaysWindow CastleRays


TOrthoViewpointNode X3DNodes

Viewpoint that provides an orthographic view of the scene.

TPackagedShaderNode X3DNodes

Single file that may contain a number of shaders and combined effects.

TParameters CastleParameters

Storing and processing command-line parameters and options.

TPartialSend X3DFields

Send along with the animation that should be applied only partially (because it fades-out or fades-in).

TParticleSystemNode X3DNodes


TPathTracer CastleRayTracer

Path tracer.

TPeanoCurve CastleSpaceFillingCurves

Space-filling Peano curve.

TPeekCharStream CastleClassUtils

Abstract class to read another stream, always being able to back one character.

TPercentReplace CastleStringUtils


TPerspectiveCameraNode_1 X3DNodes


TPerspectiveRaysWindow CastleRays


TPhongMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Material information that defines parameters for Phong lighting equations.

TPhotoService CastlePhotoService

TPhotoService enables to store/retrieve images to/from the system Photos app.

TPhysicalMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Material information that defines parameters for physical lighting equations.

TPhysicalMaterialNode X3DNodes


TPhysicsCollisionDetails CastleTransform

Information send along with TCollisionEvent event, like TRigidBody.OnCollisionEnter, TRigidBody.OnCollisionExit.

TPhysicsProperties CastleTransform

Configure physics simulation calculation.

TPickableGroupNode X3DNodes


TPiecewiseCubicBezier CastleCurves

Piecewise (composite) cubic Bezier curve.

TPixelTexture3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture defined as an explicit array of pixel values inside the X3D file.

TPixelTextureNode X3DNodes

Texture specified as an explicit array of pixel values (see FdImage field).

TPlaceholderNames CastleShapes


TPlaneCollider CastleTransform

Collide as an infinite plane.

TPlaneNode X3DNodes


TPlaneSensorNode X3DNodes

Pointing device sensor to move objects on a plane.

TPlayAnimationParameters CastleSceneCore

Parameters to use when playing animation, see TCastleSceneCore.PlayAnimation.

TPlayer CastlePlayer

Player, 3D object controlling the camera, main enemy of hostile creatures, carries a backpack, may cause fadeout effects on screen and such.

TPointEmitterNode X3DNodes


TPointingDeviceSensorList X3DNodes

List of pointing device sensors.

TPointLightNode X3DNodes

Point light source, that shines from a given point in all directions around, for X3D.

TPointLightNode_1 X3DNodes


TPointPickSensorNode X3DNodes


TPointSetNode X3DNodes


TPointSetNode_1 X3DNodes


TPolyline2DNode X3DNodes

Series of line segments in 2D.

TPolylineEmitterNode X3DNodes


TPolypoint2DNode X3DNodes

Set of vertices in 2D.

TPositionChaser2DNode X3DNodes


TPositionChaserNode X3DNodes


TPositionDamper2DNode X3DNodes


TPositionDamperNode X3DNodes


TPositionInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a 2D position.

TPositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a 3D position, for example to animate TTransformNode.Translation.

TPrecalcCurve CastleSpaceFillingCurves

Abstract space-filling curve class, helping implementing curves that precalculate points at construction.

TPrepareParams CastleTransform

Information that a TCastleTransform object needs to prepare rendering.

TPrimitivePickSensorNode X3DNodes


TProcessTimerResult CastleTimeUtils

Current time from ProcessTimer.

TProgramShaderNode X3DNodes

Shader that can consist of one or more individually programmable, self-contained pieces in TShaderProgramNode, like a Microsoft HLSL shader.

TProgress CastleProgress

Progress bar functionality.

TProgressConsoleInterface CastleProgressConsole


TProgressNullInterface CastleProgress


TProgressUserInterface CastleProgress

Abstract user interface of the progress bar.

TProjectedTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

Generate texture coordinates by projection.

TProjection CastleProjection

Projection determines how does the 3D world map onto 2D.

TProximitySensorInstance CastleShapes


TProximitySensorNode X3DNodes

Generate events when the viewer enters, exits, and/or moves within a region of 3D space.

TQuadSetNode X3DNodes

Quads, not indexed.

TQuaternion CastleQuaternions

Quaternions are useful to represent rotations in 3D that can be easily applied and combined with other rotations.

TRayCollision CastleTransform

Represents a ray collision with a 3D objects tree.

TRayCollisionNode CastleTransform

Information about ray collision with a single 3D object.

TRaysWindow CastleRays

Calculate primary rays for given camera settings and screen size.

TRayTracer CastleRayTracer


TReceiverPduNode X3DNodes


TRecentFiles CastleRecentFiles

Manage a list of recently open files.

TRectangle CastleRectangles

2D rectangle with integer coordinates.

TRectangle2DNode X3DNodes

Rectangle in 2D.

TRectangleList CastleRectangles


TRegisteredComponent CastleComponentSerialize

Describes a component registered using RegisterSerializableComponent, enumerated using RegisteredComponents list.

TRenderContext CastleRenderContext

The OpenGL / OpenGLES context state.

TRenderedTextureNode X3DNodes

Texture with contents created by rendering the scene from a specific viewpoint.

TRenderParams CastleTransform

Information that a TCastleTransform object needs to render.

TRenderStatistics CastleTransform

Statistics about what was rendered during last frame.

TRepoSoundEngine CastleSoundEngine

Sound engine that keeps a repository of sounds, defined in a nice XML file.

TResourceFrame CastleResources

Display a specified frame of the specified animation.

TRGBAlphaImage CastleImages


TRGBFloatImage CastleImages

Image with high-precision RGB colors encoded as 3 floats.

TRGBImage CastleImages

Image with pixel represented as a TVector3Byte (red, green, blue).

TRigidBody CastleTransform

Rigid body properties for the physics engine, see TCastleTransform.RigidBody.

TRigidBodyCollectionNode X3DNodes


TRigidBodyNode X3DNodes


TRotationNode_1 X3DNodes


TRotationXYZNode X3DNodes

RotationXYZ node (from Inventor).

TScalarChaserNode X3DNodes


TScalarInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a single floating-point value, for example to animate TMaterialNode.Transparency.

TScale CastleMaterialProperties

Description of a single "scale" entry: Value - The scale (as in ScaledWidth := Width / (2 ˆ Scale.Value).

TScaleNode_1 X3DNodes


TScissor CastleRenderContext

Scissor to clip displayed things, in addition to the global scissor affected by TRenderContext.ScissorEnable / TRenderContext.ScissorDisable.

TScreenEffectNode X3DNodes

Screen-space shader effect.

TScreenFontStyleNode X3DNodes


TScreenGroupNode X3DNodes


TScriptNode X3DNodes

Program behavior in a scene using scripts.

TSector CastleSectors


TSectorList CastleSectors


TSegmentNode X3DNodes


TSeparatorNode_1 X3DNodes


TSerializationProcess CastleClassUtils

Call methods of this class within TCastleComponent.CustomSerialization override.

TSerializedComponent CastleComponentSerialize

Load the serialized component once, instantiate it many times.

TSerializedComponentHelper CastleViewport

Helper methods extending TSerializedComponent.

TSFBitMask X3DFields

VRML 1.0 (deprecated) field representing a bitmask, where a number of "flags" can be "on" or "off".

TSFBool X3DFields

X3D field containing a single boolean value.

TSFBoolEvent X3DFields


TSFColor X3DFields

X3D field containing an RGB color.

TSFColorEvent X3DFields


TSFColorRGBA X3DFields

X3D field containing an RGBA color (with an alpha).

TSFColorRGBAEvent X3DFields


TSFDouble X3DFields

X3D field containing a floating-point value with Double precision.

TSFDoubleEvent X3DFields


TSFEnum X3DFields

VRML 1.0 (deprecated) field representing an enumerated value, which means that you choose one (named) value from a set of possible values.

TSFFloat X3DFields

X3D field containing a floating-point value with Single precision.

TSFFloatEvent X3DFields


TSFGenericMatrix X3DFields

Generic class for an X3D field containing a single matrix value.

TSFGenericVector X3DFields

X3D field containing a vector.

TSFImage X3DFields

X3D field containing an image that is "embedded" in the X3D file.

TSFImageEvent X3DFields


TSFInt32 X3DFields

X3D field containing an single integer 32-bit value.

TSFInt32Event X3DFields


TSFLong X3DFields

X3D field containing an single integer 32-bit value.

TSFLongEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix X3DFields

VRML 1.0 SFMatrix field.

TSFMatrix3d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3x3 matrix with Double precision.

TSFMatrix3dEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix3f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3x3 matrix with Single precision.

TSFMatrix3fEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix4d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4x4 matrix with Double precision.

TSFMatrix4dEvent X3DFields


TSFMatrix4f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4x4 matrix with Single precision.

TSFMatrix4fEvent X3DFields


TSFNode X3DNodes

X3D field holding a reference to a single node.

TSFNodeEvent X3DFields


TSFNodeEventHelper X3DNodes


TSFRotation X3DFields

X3D field representing a 3D rotation around an arbitrary axis.

TSFRotationEvent X3DFields


TSFString X3DFields

X3D field containing a single string.

TSFStringEnum X3DFields

X3D field that contains a value from a specified set.

TSFStringEvent X3DFields


TSFTextureUpdate X3DNodes

Update field for rendered textures (like TGeneratedCubeMapTextureNode).

TSFTime X3DFields

X3D field containing a time, expressed as seconds that passed since some moment.

TSFTimeEvent X3DFields


TSFVec2d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 2D vector with Double precision.

TSFVec2dEvent X3DFields


TSFVec2f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 2D vector with Single precision.

TSFVec2fEvent X3DFields


TSFVec3d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3D vector with Double precision.

TSFVec3dEvent X3DFields


TSFVec3f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 3D vector with Single precision.

TSFVec3fEvent X3DFields


TSFVec4d X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4D vector with Double precision.

TSFVec4dEvent X3DFields


TSFVec4f X3DFields

X3D field containing a 4D vector with Single precision.

TSFVec4fEvent X3DFields


TShaderPartNode X3DNodes

OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) shader part, used inside TComposedShaderNode.

TShaderProgramNode X3DNodes

Self-container shader part used with TProgramShaderNode, for example with Microsoft HLSL shader language.

TShaderTextureNode X3DNodes

Procedural texture defined by shaders.

TShape CastleShapes

Shape is a geometry node Geometry instance and it's State.

TShapeHintsNode_1 X3DNodes


TShapeList CastleShapes


TShapeNode X3DNodes

Shape is a rendered object in the world, with an appearance and geometry.

TShapeTree CastleShapes

Tree of shapes.

TShapeTreeGroup CastleShapes

Internal (non-leaf) node of the TShapeTree.

TShapeTreeIterator CastleShapes

Iterates over all TShape items that would be enumerated by Tree.Traverse.

TShapeTreeLOD CastleShapes

Node of the TShapeTree representing the LOD (level of detail) alternative.

TShapeTreeSwitch CastleShapes

Node of the TShapeTree representing an alternative, choosing one (or none) child from it's children list as active.

TShapeTreeTransform CastleShapes

Node of the TShapeTree transforming it's children.

TSignalPduNode X3DNodes


TSimplePeekCharStream CastleClassUtils

Read another stream, sequentially, always being able to back one character.

TSingleAxisHingeJointNode X3DNodes


TSingleList CastleUtils


TSiteNode X3DNodes


TSliderJointNode X3DNodes


TSoundAllocator CastleSoundEngine

Manager of allocated sounds.

TSoundDevice CastleSoundBase


TSoundDeviceList CastleSoundBase


TSoundEngine CastleSoundEngine

Sound engine, responsible for loading and playing sound.

TSoundInfoMenuItem CastleSoundMenu

On-screen menu item that displays sound information.

TSoundNode X3DNodes

3D sound emitter.

TSoundVolumeMenuItem CastleSoundMenu

On-screen menu item that allows to control sound volume.

TSpaceFillingCurve CastleSpaceFillingCurves

Base abstract space-filling curve class.

TSphereCollider CastleTransform

Collide as a sphere.

TSphereNode X3DNodes


TSphereNode_1 X3DNodes


TSphereSensorNode X3DNodes

Pointing device sensor to rotate objects.

TSplinePositionInterpolator2DNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a 2D position.

TSplinePositionInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a 3D position.

TSplineScalarInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a single floating-point value.

TSpotLightNode X3DNodes

Light source that emits light from a specific point along a specific direction constrained within a cone.

TSpotLightNode_1 X3DNodes


TSprite CastleGLImages

Sprite is an animation composed from frames arranged in rows and columns inside a single image.

TSpriteAnimation CastleGLImages

Custom animation of a sprite.

TSpriteAnimationFrame CastleGLImages

A frame of a custom animation.

TSquadOrientationInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Non-linearly interpolate (animate) a rotation.

TStateDialog CastleDialogStates

Abstract class for a modal dialog user-interface state.

TStateDialogChoice CastleDialogStates

Ask user to choose from a number of options.

TStateDialogInput CastleDialogStates

Ask user to input a string, or cancel.

TStateDialogKey CastleDialogStates

Ask user a press any key, and return this key.

TStateDialogOK CastleDialogStates

Wait for simple confirmation ("OK") from user.

TStateDialogPressEvent CastleDialogStates

Ask user a press anything (key, mouse button, mouse wheel), for example to configure a keybinding for a game.

TStateDialogYesNo CastleDialogStates

Ask user a simple "yes" / "no" question.

TStaticGroupNode X3DNodes

Children nodes which cannot be modified.

TStillCreature CastleCreatures

Creature using TStillCreatureResource.

TStillCreatureResource CastleCreatures

Creature that just stays still.

TStreamHelper CastleStreamUtils

Helper class for streams that allows to correctly read and write either little or big endian values.

TStringListCaseSens CastleClassUtils

TStringList that is case sensitive.

TStringLongIntMap X3DNodes


TStringSensorNode X3DNodes

Generates events as the user inputs a longer string on the keyboard, useful for example to simulate "input fields" in 3D.

TStringsHelper CastleDownload

Copyright 2013-2020 Michalis Kamburelis.

TStringsHelper CastleStringUtils


TStringStringMap CastleStringUtils

String-to-string map.

TStructList CastleUtils

List of structures.

TSurfaceEmitterNode X3DNodes


TSwapScanCurve CastleSpaceFillingCurves

Simple space-filling curve that goes row by row, swapping direction.

TSwitchNode X3DNodes

Choose only one (or none) of the child nodes for processing.

TSwitchNode_1 X3DNodes


TTangentNode X3DNodes

Tangent vectors information, for bump mapping.

TTeapotNode X3DNodes

Teapot geometry, useful for testing purposes.

TTerrain CastleTerrain

Terrain (height for each X, Y) data.

TTerrainCasScript CastleTerrain

Terrain (height for each X, Y) data calculated from CastleScript expression.

TTerrainGrid CastleTerrain

Terrain data from a grid of values with specified width * height.

TTerrainImage CastleTerrain

Terrain (height for each X, Y) data taken from intensities in an image.

TTerrainNoise CastleTerrain

Procedural terrain: data from a procedural noise.

TTerrainSRTM CastleTerrain


TTestFairy CastleTestFairy

TestFairy integration.

TTexCoordDamper2DNode X3DNodes


TText3DNode X3DNodes

Text with 3D depth.

TTextNode X3DNodes

Multiline text, visualized as a set of flat and textured polygons.

TTextReader CastleDownload

Read any stream like a text file.

TTextReaderWriter CastleDownload

Common class for reading or writing a stream like a text file.

TTexture2Node_1 X3DNodes


TTexture2TransformNode_1 X3DNodes


TTextureBackgroundNode X3DNodes

3D background of a scene, comprised of sky and ground colors (gradients) and optional six textures (skybox), with flexible texture nodes.

TTextureCompressionInfo CastleImages


TTextureCompressionsToGenerate CastleMaterialProperties


TTextureCoordinate2Node_1 X3DNodes


TTextureCoordinate3DNode X3DNodes

3D texture coordinates, partcularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureCoordinate4DNode X3DNodes

4D (homogeneous 3D) texture coordinates, partcularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureCoordinateGeneratorNode X3DNodes

Automatic generation of texture coordinates.

TTextureCoordinateNode X3DNodes

2D texture coordinates used by vertex-based geometry nodes.

TTextureFilter CastleGLImages


TTextureFontData CastleTextureFontData

Data for a 2D font initialized from a FreeType font file, like ttf.

TTextureFontData.TGlyph CastleTextureFontData

Information about a particular font glyph.

TTextureFontData.TGlyphDictionary CastleTextureFontData

Map Unicode code to a TGlyph representation.

TTextureMemoryProfiler CastleGLImages

OpenGL texture memory profiler.

TTexturePropertiesNode X3DNodes

Adjust the texture application properties.

TTexturesVideosCache CastleTextureImages

A cache of loaded images for textures.

TTextureTransform3DNode X3DNodes

Transformation of texture coordinates in 3D, partcularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureTransformMatrix3DNode X3DNodes

Transformation of texture coordinates by a 4x4 matrix, particularly useful with 3D textures.

TTextureTransformNode X3DNodes

2D transformation that can be applied to texture coordinates (e.g.

TTextureWrap2D CastleGLImages


TTextureWrap3D CastleGLImages


TTextWriter CastleDownload

Write to a stream like to a text file.

TThreadSynchronisationHandler CastleClientServer

Because Indys version isn't generic in FPC.

TTiledMap CastleTiledMap

Loading and manipulating "Tiled" map files (

TTiledMap.TAnimation CastleTiledMap

Contains a list of animation frames.

TTiledMap.TData CastleTiledMap

Binary data definition.

TTiledMap.TFrame CastleTiledMap

Single frame of animation.

TTiledMap.TImage CastleTiledMap

Image definition.

TTiledMap.TImageLayer CastleTiledMap


TTiledMap.TLayer CastleTiledMap


TTiledMap.TObjectGroupLayer CastleTiledMap


TTiledMap.TProperty CastleTiledMap


TTiledMap.TPropertyList CastleTiledMap

List of properties.

TTiledMap.TTerrain CastleTiledMap


TTiledMap.TTile CastleTiledMap


TTiledMap.TTiledObject CastleTiledMap

Object definition.

TTiledMap.TTileset CastleTiledMap

Tileset definition.

TTimeDependentFunctionality X3DNodes

Functionality of all time-dependent nodes.

TTimerResult CastleTimeUtils

Current time from Timer.

TTimeSensorNode X3DNodes

Generate events as time passes.

TTimeTriggerNode X3DNodes

Generate time events upon receiving any boolean value.

TTogglerNode X3DNodes

Utility for setting and observing a boolean value in various ways.

TTouch CastleUIControls

Tracking of a touch by a single finger, used by TTouchList.

TTouchList CastleUIControls

Tracking of multi-touch, a position of each finger on the screen.

TTouchSensorNode X3DNodes

Sensor to catch clicks on 3D objects.

TTransformation CastleVectors

Describe transformation in a way comfortable to apply it in both ways.

TTransformationList CastleVectors


TTransformFunctionality X3DNodes

Node functionality for all X3D transformation nodes.

TTransformNode X3DNodes

Grouping node that transforms (moves, rotates, scales) it's children.

TTransformNode_1 X3DNodes


TTransformSensorNode X3DNodes

Generates events when the target object enters, exits, and moves within a region of 3D space.

TTransformSeparatorNode_1 X3DNodes


TTranslationNode_1 X3DNodes


TTransmitterPduNode X3DNodes


TTraversingInfo X3DNodes


TTriangle CastleTriangles

Triangle in 3D.

TTriangle2 CastleTriangles

Triangle in 2D space.

TTriangle3 CastleTriangles

Triangle in 3D space.

TTriangle4 CastleTriangles

Triangle in 4D (or 3D homogeneous) space.

TTriangleFanSetNode X3DNodes

Triangles that form a fan shape around the first vertex.

TTriangleGeometry CastleTriangles

Triangle expressed in particular coordinate system, for TTriangle.

TTriangleHelper CastleShapes

Triangle in a 3D model.

TTriangleSet2DNode X3DNodes

Set of triangles in 2D.

TTriangleSetNode X3DNodes

A collection of triangles.

TTriangleStripSetNode X3DNodes

Strips of triangles.

TTrimmedSurfaceNode X3DNodes

NURBS surface that is trimmed by a set of trimming loops.

TTwoSidedMaterialNode X3DNodes

Note: Whether the shape is visible from both sides depends on the geometry TAbstractGeometryNode.Solid field, and is independent of whether you use this or other (one-sided) material nodes.

TUIState CastleUIState

UI state, to manage the state of your game UI.

TUIStateList CastleUIState


TUnicodeCharList CastleUnicode


TUniversalJointNode X3DNodes


TUnlitMaterialInfo X3DNodes

Material information that defines parameters for unlit lighting equations.

TUnlitMaterialNode X3DNodes


TUrlAsynchronousReader CastleDownload

Implement this class, and pass to RegisterUrlProtocol, to read protocols asynchronously (such that TCastleDownload can read them asynchronously).

TUrlFunctionality X3DNodes

Functionality used by all nodes that contain data located on the World Wide Web.

TValueTriggerNode X3DNodes

Generate events upon receiving a boolean TRUE value.

TVector2Byte CastleVectors

Vector of 2 Byte values.

TVector2Cardinal CastleVectors

Vector of 2 Cardinal values.

TVector2DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TVector2Double.

TVector2Integer CastleVectors

Vector of 2 Integer values.

TVector2List CastleVectors

List of TVector2.

TVector2SmallInt CastleVectors

Vector of 2 SmallInt values.

TVector3Byte CastleVectors

Vector of 3 Byte values.

TVector3Cardinal CastleVectors

Vector of 3 Cardinal values.

TVector3DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TVector3Double.

TVector3Integer CastleVectors

Vector of 3 Integer values.

TVector3List CastleVectors

List of TVector3.

TVector4Byte CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Byte values.

TVector4Cardinal CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Cardinal values.

TVector4DoubleList CastleVectors

List of TVector4Double.

TVector4Integer CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Integer values.

TVector4IntegerList CastleVectors

List of TVector4Integer.

TVector4List CastleVectors

List of TVector4.

TVector4Pointer CastleVectors

Vector of 4 Pointers.

TVectorInterpolatorNode X3DNodes

Interpolate (animate) a set of floats, for example to animate TElevationGridNode heights.

TVertexJoints X3DNodes


TVideo CastleVideos


TVideosCache CastleVideos

A cache of loaded videos.

TViewpointGroupNode X3DNodes

Group of viewpoints.

TViewpointMirrorNode X3DNodes

Viewpoint for making reflections on flat objects.

TViewpointNode X3DNodes

Viewpoint that provides a perspective view of the scene.

TViewpointStack CastleSceneCore


TViewportNode X3DNodes


TVisibilitySensorInstance CastleShapes


TVisibilitySensorNode X3DNodes

Detects visibility changes of a rectangular box as the user navigates the world.

TVolumeEmitterNode X3DNodes


TVolumePickSensorNode X3DNodes


TVRML1State X3DNodes

Nodes that are saved during VRML/X3D traversing.

TWalkAttackCreature CastleCreatures

Creature using TWalkAttackCreatureResource.

TWalkAttackCreatureResource CastleCreatures

Creature with smart walking and attacking intelligence.

TWarningEventList CastleApplicationProperties


TWaypoint CastleSectors


TWaypointList CastleSectors


TWindowContainer CastleWindow

Non-abstract implementation of TCastleContainer that cooperates with TCastleWindowBase.

TWindowList CastleWindow


TWindowProgressInterface CastleWindowProgress

Progress bar rendered on OpenGL context (TCastleWindow).

TWindowRecentFiles CastleWindowRecentFiles

Manage a list of recently opened files, and show a menu in TCastleWindowBase.

TWindPhysicsModelNode X3DNodes


TWordList CastleUtils


TWorldInfoNode X3DNodes

Information about the world.

TWWWAnchorNode_1 X3DNodes


TWWWInlineNode_1 X3DNodes

VRML 1.0 WWWInline node.

TX3DBindableStack CastleSceneCore

Stack of bindable nodes (only the top, bound, node is used for rendering/navigation).

TX3DBindableStackBasic X3DNodes


TX3DEvent X3DFields

X3D event.

TX3DEventList X3DFields


TX3DEventsEngine X3DNodes

Abstract class representing a scene that renders and processed events of the X3D nodes.

TX3DEventsEngineList X3DNodes


TX3DExport X3DNodes


TX3DExternalPrototype X3DNodes


TX3DField X3DFields

Base class for all VRML/X3D fields.

TX3DFieldList X3DFields


TX3DFieldOrEvent X3DFields

Base class for VRML/X3D field or event.

TX3DFieldsManager X3DFields

Stores information about available VRML/X3D field classes.

TX3DFileItem X3DFields

Base class for any item within X3D file: a node, a field, a route, a prototype etc.

TX3DFileItemList X3DFields


TX3DFontTexturesCache X3DNodes

Cache for font texture nodes (TPixelTextureNode that we need for each font).

TX3DGraphTraverseState X3DNodes

Current state (transformation and such) when traversing VRML/X3D graph.

TX3DGraphTraverseStateStack X3DNodes

Stack of TX3DGraphTraverseState.

TX3DImport X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2018 Michalis Kamburelis.

TX3DImportableNames X3DNodes


TX3DInterfaceDeclaration X3DNodes

Interface declaration, used in VRML/X3D (exposed) prototypes and for nodes with dynamic fields (Script, ComposedShader).

TX3DInterfaceDeclarationList X3DNodes


TX3DMultField X3DFields

X3D field with a list of values.

TX3DNode X3DNodes

X3D node.

TX3DNodeClassesList X3DNodes

Copyright 2002-2018 Michalis Kamburelis.

TX3DNodeDeepCopyState X3DNodes

Private stuff for TX3DNode.DeepCopy and friends implementation.

TX3DNodeList X3DNodes


TX3DNodeNameRec X3DNodes


TX3DNodeNames X3DNodes

List to track node names while parsing VRML/X3D file.

TX3DNodesCache X3DNodes

Cache for X3D nodes.

TX3DPrototype X3DNodes


TX3DPrototypeBase X3DNodes


TX3DPrototypeBaseList X3DNodes


TX3DPrototypeNames X3DNodes


TX3DPrototypeNode X3DNodes

Node with information about a VRML/X3D prototype.

TX3DReader X3DFields

Reading of VRML/X3D from stream.

TX3DReaderNames X3DNodes

Container tracking VRML/X3D node and prototype names during parsing.

TX3DRootNode X3DNodes

A top-level VRML/X3D node.

TX3DRoute X3DNodes

Route makes a connection between two X3D events, making the destination event occur when the source event happened.

TX3DRouteList X3DNodes


TX3DSimpleMultField X3DFields

X3D field with a list of values.

TX3DSingleField X3DFields

Copyright 2002-2018 Michalis Kamburelis.

TX3DTime X3DTime

Complete timestamp for X3D events.

TX3DUnknownNode X3DNodes

Not recognized VRML/X3D node type.

TX3DWriter X3DFields

Writer of VRML/X3D to stream.

TXFAnyEvent X3DFields

Universal input event that can receive value of any type.

TXMLCDataIterator CastleXMLUtils

Iterate over all CDATA nodes of given XML element.

TXMLElementFilteringIterator CastleXMLUtils

Iterate over children elements of given XML element, that have matching TagName.

TXMLElementIterator CastleXMLUtils

Iterate over all children elements of given XML element.

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